iNoize - New album from Kaz Mashino

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Kaz Mashino is a musician based in Japan and a long term NanoStudio veteran. He's recently completed an entire album using only iOS apps including NanoStudio, Finger Bassline, Sunrizer, MoDrum, Beatmaker, improVox and iGrand Piano.

It's definitely worth a listen. Here's a link to the SoundCloud page:

.. and available on iTunes (this link's for the US store):

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Chuck-Sin-Oh was my first "You have to hear this thing a person did on a phone!" track. Glad I can actually buy it now.

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I remember hearing one of Kaz's tracks all those years ago.............X over 23 - it's a brilliant track got me into Nanostudio.

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Thank you so much for developing NanoStudio, I noted other apps, but NanoStudio has been always my 1st choice.
I remember firstly like, oh man! this can be my only way to carry on making music!!
You seriously saved my music career;)

Good to hear you make them listen to Chuck-Sin-On quite a lot and sorry for keeping you wait.
Hope you and your friends enjoy the latest version too.

Such honor, my music can lead you to use NanoStudio and you still remembered me.
I am so happy to see your comment.

By the way, iNoize is shortly reached 7th ranking of iTunes electronic chart in Japan on 27th March.
Rest of chart in music there were from rather famous or major label's, not like my tiny new label;) and not like iOS made music of course;)

Thank you so much everyone. I wish I could invite all of you for my gig. Today is the release party.

Warmest regards
from Tokyo.