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I want to put NanoSync on my iPad mini but it just says Safari can't download this. I was at the download page of BlipInteractive.

Further info: When I run NStudio on the iPad mini there is a tab for NanoSync. (yet I guess it isn't installed on the iPad) But, on the desktop computer running NStudio there is no tab for NSync at the Manage tab. Yet I have it installed on the desktop. Can somebody explain plz?

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Nano sync is for moving files between your idevice and your Mac/pc. So no you can't put it on your ipad. It goes on your computer.

Here is a link to the Nanostudio manual http://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/download.php I'd suggest giving it a once over it will help you in the future. Most of the questions you have can be answered there or in the resources/faqs section of this forum http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/2206