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Can somebody tell me briefly how I can take a section of drum track from one of the demos and copy it to a project I started? Thank you and thanks for all the other help.

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Merging projects is fairly limited in NanoStudio but here's how I'd probably do it:

- Open up the NanoStudio demo project and go to the song editor
- Choose Tools/MIDI File/Export and save the song as a MIDI file with a name of your choice

- Open up your project and go to the song editor
- Choose Tools/MIDI File/Import and load your MIDI file

After you've done this, you'll find the MIDI data from the demo song appended to the end of your song. You can then edit that to get the bits you want. You may also want to export the TRG kit from the demo and import that into the TRG you use in your project if you want the same sounds.

An alternative would be to mixdown that demo track (or individual parts) and then import the loop into your project by loading it as a sample on a TRG pad.