Nanostudio and Akai MPK mini on mac - good choice?

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Hi everyone!

I've been playing around with Nanostudio on my mac (macbook pro) for a while but consider me a total newbie. For x-mas I got a Akai professional MPK mini keyboard. I haven't opened the box yet since I don't know if this is the right keyboard for me. I could change it to other midi-keyboards in the same price range.

What do you say? Should I keep it? Does it work fine with Nanostudio?

All input conceding Akai MPK mini vs Nanostudio on mac/OSx is welcome.

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The MPK mini works very well with NS when interfaced to an iPad, so it should work equally well with a MacBook. Personally, I find with mine that 25-keys are just not enough and I'd love another octave or two (but then I use a Fatar 88-key weighted master piano keyboard normally). I use the MPK with my iPad via a camera connection kit just for traveling and in that capacity it is OK, especially the drum pads, which interface really nicely with the TRG.

Hope this helps.