Starting with Nanostudio and other stuff like that.

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Goris Guy
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I bought a nanoPAD2 from KORG and tried to start to play, both it seems more difficult than I tought it would be.

First of all, I didn't know I did need so much software to you this tool.
Second, I tought I know something about midi and al that kind of software - I don't by the way
And so go my questions on and on..

Is there any tutorial, getting started or any other document that I can play or read so that I can get a little bit up to date with this topic/item. I already looked on youtube and a lot of forums to learn more, but I didn't get any wiser. Even more questions came to mind.
I'm an engenieer in Elektronics, so I 'm not an total idiot in sampling and stuf like that. It's just that I need to know the right steps to use the software and the pad to make a beat. I'm also a guitarist, so I know music as well.

By the way, I 'm from Belgium (flemish part) and I don't have to use my English a lot, so my aplogies for the many mistake I've written.

Hope someone can help me out. I just need to be able to start and the rest I can figure out muself or with the forum here online.

Thanks in advance.

Guy Goris

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A lot of the info you need to get started is located in the resources/FAQ section of this forum (upper left corner of this page) including the NS manual and many tips and tricks to get you started. Also there are some links to sample packs you can download to help you out. Also check out the app: Audiobus, it connects your music apps so you can play them together and record them inside of nanostudio if you so choose.

As far as your hardware midi situation goes I'm afraid I can't help you much there. Do you have the camera connection kit or something else to connect it to your iphone/ipad? I'm not sure if I understand if it is working for you or not.

Lastly here are some apps I use in conjunction with nanostudio, you should check them out.

Figure, iKaossilator, Animoog, Soundprism Pro, Magellan jr, Sunrizer, Funkbox, Nlog midi, Cassini.
There are more but these are my favorite (there are even more and/or better ones if you own an ipad but alas I do not)

Goris Guy
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Thanks a lot.

I'll check it out and try to implement it.

Guy Goris