Ipad for the job

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Hi guys

I have been doing a few tunes on Nanostudio. on the Iphone and find it amazing what you can do these days on the go or at work or about anywhere else.

I have my own studio with quiet a bit of hardware some of witch is classic.

I have started to work on a sample pack from some of my synths such as the Roland Juno-106, Korg ms2000, Bassline ms404 and so on.

I just had to invest in an ipad for nano studio is that cool but a little fiddley at times to say the least.

will post my sound pack when it's ready if anyone would like some new sounds.

Jim Hanks
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We're always looking for new sounds around here. Bring it on!

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@breo: yes please! We are all sound junkies here and love to get new presets, especially when you start talking classic gear...
I prefer longer samples to shorter ones. NS doesn't have a lot of sample manipulation tools, but NS2 will likely sport new features in sample manipulation. Be sure to post your banks in this sticky thread: Sticky: Community NSP and TRG files