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Jim Hanks
Joined: 06/14/2011

Nice tunes Major Lee.

I'll just leave this here. Track 12 is the only one mixed/produced in NS1 but it was involved in at least 3 others:

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Here's the final version of 'Park Bench Afternoons':

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OK - it's pretty much my sixth musical birthday (sometime around now in 2011 I first got Nanostudio) - so I thought I would upload the tracks I have recently been working on. One of my pleasures is to do a load of field recordings then make some tracks out of those recordings (and sometimes actually and literally IN the field) - I call them the "Real World Sketch Books". This is from a recent trip to Porto in Portugal. All location sounds were recorded using an iPod Touch 6G and are a mixture of Caustic (3 tracks), Nanostudio (2 tracks) and AUM (2 tracks) - you try and work out which is which :-)

So thank you Matt and the other developers for 6 years of pleasure. It means a lot to me that I can actually do this.

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After long months of creative dryness, this one popped out yesterday :D