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So, I bring some news for the soundpack project. No, it is NOT cancelled.
1. I'll be designing ALL of the sounds on the bus ride to and from school and during school when I can't use my laptop.*
2. I'd like to thank the maker of "gurupreset" for the inspiration for some of the sounds. I haven't copied anything directly, but I tried my best to recreate the sounds based on a mixdown of the project while adding my own flavor. If you don't want me to include them, I'll remove them.
3. On that note, the leads package is done (except for tweaking).
4. Work on the bass package is going well, except for the part where the stupid instruments end up ridiculously quiet.
5. FX is proving to be a little more challenging, and I think I might combine the synth drums and the FX package to save time.
6. I am going to stick to my promise of NOT using any samples (excluding the TRG kits, but the synths responsible will be included), and this makes things a little more complicated. (as in how do I replicate a supersaw with two oscillators?)
7. The sounds in these packages are mostly easy to make, so I'm gradually replacing the simpler ones with nicer-quality ones. This means further delays, but it also means better final quality.

*So I got a laptop. It's a very nice machine, and I immediately downloaded some music-making programs. However, there are certain things that I can do in FL Studio that take hundreds of times longer in NanoStudio, such as sidechaining, timestretching, FM, etc. I love NanoStudio dearly, and I really wish it were available as a VST. Eden is my favorite nonmodern synthesizer, and I hate to bounce things from NS to FL.

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thank you for your hard work on this soundpack... can't wait !

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Yeah, keep up the good work!