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Midi out + master/slave sync for playing NanoStudio with hardware. I love NanoStudio's seq, and I would like to send midi and CCs to my synths. That easy. BTW if master/slave sync available, would it be possible to sync two devices with NanooStudio, wouldn't it?.

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Midi sync really would be the icing on the cake, what i was wondering though is what's in store with ios4.2 in terms of midi compatibility over USB, would I be able to use any old interface then rather than being limited to line 6 and the possibility of this not being catered for within a few months.....

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midi out wil be very imortant in moment, when nanostudio gets audio tracks :) (i believe one day :)) - sending notes to hw synth and recording it back to audio track in nanostudio will be massive step forward

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@Stevehat32 - Once I start supporting an interface (eg. Line 6) I intend to continue supporting it unless it becomes impossible for some reason. So support of a new interface shouldn't mean dropping support for the existing ones. Line 6 seem pretty serious about it and they must have invested a fair amount so I'd say it's here to stay.

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Matt/Blip Interactive

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible application. Since downloading you app for my iPhone I've been writing more prolifically than I have in years! I actually find that by stripping back all the options available by products such as Logic 9 it helps me to create more-focussed/better music and will using Nanostudio to write all my tracks from now on!

I will however still be using Logic 9 for Mastering and additional production, which brings me to a little request that I have:

Now that NanoStudio offers midi export, is it possible to offer an eden synth plug-in to run in Logic/Cubase/Pro-Tools etc? I'd love to be able to export the track and work within Logic instantly without having to sample off or re-create the sounds. I'd happily pay to have the option!

While on requests, if it'd be possible I would really love to see Compressor and Bit Crusher effects as well as a Note Appegiator being incorporated in to the program. Also, being able to set the LFO rates to dotted or triplets rhythms when in beat sync mode would be a real bonus.

I don't seem to be able to save patches and load them in different arrangements which is a shame, I don't know if this is possible to do by saving over the preset patches in Global A+B Banks but I would like to keep those sounds so It'd be nice to at least have a user bank which would be available to bring up patches, whatever arrangement you're in.

Thanks again and congratulations on Nanostudio, it truly is outstanding!

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i would like to re-iterate my wish for more (destructive) sample mangling abilities in the sample editor. as an offline process, you could use more expensive algorithms. you could even get creative with tempo-based and buffer shuffling effects... even granular stuff. several of the dsp code are out there. i think being able to mangle beyond recognition would open up the built-in sound recording capabilities of the phone * tremendously * . as is, i can't do much with the standard recorder unless i bring the sample out, edit it in another sample editor, then bring it back in... it's a bit fiddly.

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blarg - Yes I agree, there's much more room for extra features here. Will have to wait until the iPad version now though I think.

stevemarkovits - Yes these are all pretty popular requested features, you've cut to the chase! I had early plans to do an Eden Synth VST but they're currently shelved at the moment - the wishlist is probably about 3 years work in total. I would love to do this though, personally it's the way I'd work because I like to tweak sounds and a MIDI file's only half the story.

Have you got V1.1? That has a global bank C which starts off empty.

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Hey, thanks for getting back to me :)

No I haven't downloaded version 1.1 yet - only noticed it was available this morning and I'm still in work at the moment- that's awesome though - v.happy about that!

Shame about the VST Plug-in but you must be pretty busy right now and you can't do everything! I'm sure I'll survive editing the sounds in NanoStudio and sampling off what I need for production in Logic!

Good work all round - cheers!

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i'm a music dabbler and after a while of shopping around for the ONE music app i was gonna buy, i went with your app and i'm totally not disappointed.

but a request that you might need to ignore cuz it's stupid and it's cuz i'm a noob - would it be possible to quantize the DURATION of an event and not just the start point? cuz it takes me a VERY long time, even in my little experiments, going back and snapping each event end point to a quantized point (i.e. because of the non-ideal musical interface of an iphone, my music playing tends to be be veeeerrrrrrryyy inexact).

also, as a non musician, it seems like i'd be spending most of my time in the pattern editor but it's not exactly the most friendly interface. imo, it would be better if the initial draw touch does not draw long durations but simply identified which point on the graph you want to peg. it seems like the "draw" is more about putting down the initial "notes" and not so much about duration... it feels like the duration "make long" function should be the one after you release and place and the default is the default duration of the graph at the time you start "drawing". maybe have a regular draw mode and then make a "blip draw" mode or something? i just want to go in and blip blip blip blip and make a tune and then go and refine after. right now, i almost always blip drag clumsily and i have to make decisions about duration when i just want to define notes first. does that make sense?

there are some other apps that are less musically capable but it's much easier to work in their pattern editor and i'd love for that part of the app to get friendlier.

finally, it would be great if a two finger touch allowed you to scale as well as move your pattern grid from left to right AND up and down. lots of painting apps use the two finger touch as the canvas navigation convention and i think it would work better than having the left column be reserved for up and down grid movement instead of just having EVERYTHING under the double finger touch.

anyhoo, that's it. great app, thanks for your time and whatever the future of the app, i'm sure it's just a matter of time before these things become more familiar to me.

rock on.

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+1 for quantize duration!

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Quantize duration is on the list, I agree it'll be totally useful.

With regards to drawing notes, does it work any better for you if you turn the grid on and zoom in a touch? Then it works more like a grid editor where you can tap to toggle a 'cell' on or off.

"finally, it would be great if a two finger touch allowed you to scale as well as move your pattern grid from left to right AND up and down. lots of painting apps use the two finger touch as the canvas navigation convention and i think it would work better than having the left column be reserved for up and down grid movement instead of just having EVERYTHING under the double finger touch."

I've read this a few times but still can't quite get what you mean! By two finger touch do you mean pinch zoom? Obviously that does allow you to scale in both directions. But I think I might be missing your point ...

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Many painting apps use a two finger drag to move around when zoomed in. It is not a pinch movement, both fingers stay parallel. I agree that it works well, and it would be nice to see it standardized across apps.

edit: I just tried it in NS. Seems like two finger drag allows horizontal movement, but not vertical.

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He wants it to be like the "hand" tool in Adobe products. Like when you press the Spacebar you can move the image (canvas) you are working on around in any direction. For example if you were zoomed in on the head of a person, but you needed to do a retouch on the shoes in the same zoom mode you'd just move the canvas up. I'm sure you're familiar with this tool.

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hiya matt!

thanks so much for fielding the requests!

yah, zooming in works better but because of how a drag instigates multiple cels, it's still prone to error due to simple clumsiness and fatness of finger : P ... also, the fact that you're so zoomed in makes the pattern editor harder to use. for me at least, i'd be constantly zooming in and out. this is what i mean about this particular feature being easier in other 'dumb' music apps.

so yah, it probably would be harder for you to change it and have other users complain that you changed it ( :) ) so if you think it's a valid idea, an ALT mode for the draw tool might be cool. so right now, you click and drag and when you release, you get the move and scale controls - with the alt mode, you click and dragging does not lengthen duration, it just allows you to refine placement and when you release, you get the position and duration controls as it is now.

with those controls, for me personally, i would never choose the current draw mode. no need. click drag to place and then release and THEN using the duration control bar that you currently have - that's all i'd need.


right and as others have said, the two finger thing-

placing two fingers just allows you to navigate around the canvas and zoom in/out with pinching. right now, two fingers allows you to move/scale horizontally on the pattern editor but not vertically. it makes moving around a multi-note/instrument canvas a bit clunky if i can move/scale horizontally with two fingers but not also vertically using that same mechanic.

currently, to move and scale vertically, you have to go to the left and use that area of the pattern editor as a scroll bar. not terrible but it would be more intuitive and faster for larger patterns to be able to do horizontal AND vertical using the two finger mechanic.

also, in one of the vids, i think it's shown that panning around can be instigated with a two finger touch and then you can release one finger and now you can move horizontally. that works but imo, simply using two finger touch to move around as well as scale (ala 'brushes' or the adobe ideas app) works just as well and requires less dexterity.

anyhoo, thanks again for a great app and being so open to your users!

rock on.


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I'm new to NanoStudio and EXTREMELY happy with everything ... I don't know if this has been suggested ... the ability to record panning info in the mixer.


thanks, love what you've done and am enjoying what I'm doing with it even more.

ToonBoy7, up in Canada!

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Just want to say...this application is fantastic...its good to see such quality.

I would love to see MIDI sync Master and Slave. This would allow me to sync my tenori-on and blofeld with nanostudio.


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Just bought NS. Great program! But I've already got some ideas to make it even better:

- add a "kick" function to the note-editor because small one-step movements are quite annoying in the moment. Idea: Just use the "movers": If you drag them, they drag the selection as now, but if you short-tap them, they move the selection one grid-unit left/right. The same could used to the up/down-mover: tap it on the upper side to move one up, tap it on the lower side to move one unit down.

- bar aware play-position "jump": make it a bit like abelton: Don't jump exactly to the touch-point but to a point a bit before (minus play-position modulo 1, 2 or 4-bars), so that the sound playback always stays "on beat".

- undo/redo for recordings: In the moment it's a bit anoying to always confirm undo. If simple redo would be possible, trying things out would be more pleasant. Also maybe move the undo/redo-buttons to the top-bar to make it one-click-usable from all screens.

- loops for the sampler (the UI is nearly there: simply add a "loop" button to the editor to define the selection as a loop which is played during the sustain-phase). This would make the sampler much more useful because it would allow to have a sampled "attack" and "release" phase for sounds.

Some "a bit more difficult" ideas:

- separate the position-counter and the playhead: would allow edit ops (like split) while playback runs

- always-record: record always (even when in play-mode) and store the data internally for a certain time (last 32 bars for example). This data could then pasted to the song later (I hate it if I've played something nice in play-mode and have no chance to get it back).

- compressors: quite essential for modern music. Proposal: At least 3 compressors: one for master-out (as a limiter), one as insert-effect for each track (which is sidechained by a trg-instrument, while "ducking" the volume for each channel simultaneously) and one for a combination of trg busses (to make drums "tighter"). More would be better, but with the limited CPU time it't not so easy.

- "Isolate-Subproject": With so few tracks it's often necessary to mix things down (resample) and use them via TRG. This could be made more easy by having an "isolate"-feature which does the resample, saves all active patterns into a new project, removes the active patterns from the song, adds the sample to a free TRG-slot and adds a note which plays this slot. This way a partial mixdown would be a one-click-operation. If the new project is associated with the TRG-slot if would be even possible to switch to the project directly from TRG, make some edits and by saving NS automatically does a new resample and saves it back.

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* The kick feature sounds cool cuz I always mistouch where parts need to go. I'd call it 'push' tho since 'kick' reminds me of the drum

* I thought NS already locked to regions for when using the playhead. I haven't had a problem getting it to start on beat for me. Although I see what you mean about a 'preemptive playhead" that you could place before-hand and would play the next part properly in time.

* Compressor is on the way!!

* Isolate subproject - The new update already kinda takes care of this. I see what you mean, but the best workaround is to save your TRG bank as a kit. Resample the sequence/pattern you want to apply to the pad. Make a new project and load the TRG kit and add the new resampled part. Also you can delete the parts used to make the resampled parts if you don't plan on using them again. Even if so you always have the old project file to use and make more resampled parts.

- Proper loop points is a very welcome idea and I think has been mentioned on the wishlist. :)

- Ditto on the "undo" button being visible from all parts of the TRG/EDEN modules. Using the menu is a pain

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One more idea: In the moment pattern/part movement is asymmetric: Moving the end is simple but moving the beginning requires lots of operations (move the pattern forward, lengthen it, move content to the right).

So why not simply add a third "movement knob" to the existing two: the left-one moves the beginning of the pattern/part and the middle and right knobs work like the existing ones (the middle would move the whole part, the right only the end)

Oh, and the note-length grid/(future-)quantization should be different from note-start grid/quantization.

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I think having the menu disappear as soon as you hit undo would be almost as good as having it globally available. Maybe better actually. Without redo and on such a small screen, undo is not the kind of thing that you wanna hit by mistake. Having it in the menu solves that problem. Actually, I wish loop and metronome would also make the menu disappear - just as if you'd selected an instrument.

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Yes I can make it close the menu after undo if that's popular. I don't think there's space on the status bar for any more buttons to do it directly though, not without something else suffering.

Can do the same for click/loop buttons but I often use these at the same time as some other operation which would mean having to re-open the menu again, which is even more annoying. Also they're not use that frequently so I don't think it's a big usability issue really.

Real time record undo got added really late in the project and is separate to the editor's undo. I'd like to merge them into one system and provide a redo, but it's some serious work. I'm leaving it at the moment because it'll take weeks and other things are more pressing.

A third movement handle for dragging the start of parts is pretty easy, but the code changes to support a 'start offset' would actually take a few days. I should have put this in to start with, but it's not always easy to think of everything. A slightly quicker way to do it for the time being might be to draw and empty part before your current one and merge them together using the 'More..' button.

A kick function for moving the selection would be useful. I'd have to see how often you'd get it wrong though and 'kick' it when you just mean to select something. My gut feel is that overloading these controls any more could cause annoyances.

Taps on the ribbon to change the playhead should snap to bars/beats as appropriate. The ability to 'queue up' a change without losing timing would be good - sounds simple but I always struggle to find a way to add these options to the UI without making something else suffer. Same goes for separate playhead/position for splitting parts as the sequencer runs. Justifying the need is the easy bit but fitting it on there so it still makes sense and doesn't compromise something else is so much more difficult.

The 'isolate project' is something I thought about -a seamless resampling, so you can do it as the sequencer plays. But it brings a whole host of questions - what pad should it auto assign to (particularly if none are free)?, what track should it put the event on? What if some users don't want it doing all these steps? I think it's better to wait and add audio tracks with a freeze option, which is a much more unified way of doing this type of task.

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I'm doing a little brain-storming here, maybe somethingof it is helpful for you to further improve your fine program:

Two ideas to the undo-button-placement-problem:

- Use gestures: For example a "swipe-down" on the record-button could do a quick one-step-undo. Needs no space but is a little bit hard to communicate. But the concept could also be used to give other buttons a quick-access secondary function.

- Use the status-bar-area, it's "wasted click-space" in the moment. The UI could change on touch-down and the undo is executed at touch-release. Would maybe look a little bit nervous, but this way you gain space for around 5 permanent accessible functions.

For a quick fix, at least the undo-confirmation-dialog could be removed. Is it really so hard to put a simple single-step redo in it (even if it is only available directly after undo to undo mis-clicks)? While it's sometimes possible to let the menu-area stay open while recording, it's still necessary to always hit ok on the confirmation dialog.

Found another small annoyance: If you shorten multiple notes at once, it's limited by the shortest note. This way it's unnecessary hard to make all notes the same length by simply shorten them to "zero" and then lengthen them to a certain length. Also the note-length maybe should snap to the grid-setting instead of applying the grid setting to the increment.

Another Idea: I really like the concept of separating selection from movement using the mover-handles. So why not make the loop-bar selectable like a part which would allow to drag it like parts/notes? This would remove the need to exactly hit the loop start/end-markers. Also often it would be nice to move the loop a fixed amount, for example if the loop is 4 bars to work on a small part of the song, it's often necessary to move it to the next 4 bars etc. By using the movement-tools, all those could be used on the loop-bar, too. Ah, and it would also be ice to be able to move the loop-bar from the note-editor, too. To avoid giving up the "click the bar to move the playhead" feature, the loop-bar could be selected by clicking on the space on the left or right side.

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I keep finding myself wishing that the filter resonance would scream more. In fact, nothing seems to happen much when you move the Q knob beyond the halfway point?

I understand that changing fundamental things like this could cause problems for backward-compatibility, though. Still, thought I'd mention it all the same :)

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There are various algorithms in there to keep the Q under control. The synth uses a fairly straight digital filter which is nice and fast and relatively well behaved. But it is capable of producing really large amplitudes at high Q which can easily cause clipping. A nicer filter (ie. analogue emulation) would start saturating (ie. soft clipping) internally at high Q's to get a more pleasing overdrive effect without harsh digital clipping. However doing this in any way 'properly' starts getting expensive.

It'd be nice to go to town one day on a special mono synth which could afford a more expensive filter algorithm.

Have you tried using 24dB slope filter setting? Also a touch of waveshaper clipping would help, particularly if the preset is mono.

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I've requested this elsewhere and only skim read posts on this thread but rewire is a must. Some people are requesting vst instances of eden etc but why not rewire the entire sequencer?

You could be working on a tune on the train, come home sync to pc or mac version, load up your nanostudio macro to rewire it, and have it running through and alongside your favourite plugins at home. Depending on how you like to work you could either edit nanostudio midi within nanostudio and use rewire purely to sync or export nanostudios midi to the host sequencer.

A "write midi from rewire host" feature would allow you to write any changes from your home sequencer ready to sync back to the phone and write on the move.. albeit without the gubbins which are exclusive to the pc or mac.

I'm pretty sure it sounds way more long-winded than it actually is :)

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I see lots of posts here, so this might duplicate the request - but now that you have panning on the mixer (AWESOME! - by the way...)
I think it's a forgone conclusion that the panning should be available as a track automated setting.

Here's why: You can use panning at the synth level. BUT if you are using the Wav-shape, it pulls everything to a mono output sort of mixed with the synth's pan settings, so you can't get a fully panned output.

If you pan the mixer track, then it pans the effect as well.

Being able to control the mixer's pan settings as track automation would allow much better control over the pan of different sounds, solos, etc during a song.

Another option would be to make the wave shaper true stereo to respond to the pan of the sound output of each synth, OR have the pan actually exist as the last output stage of each synth.

I hope all that made sense.

Panning and levels are the BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL settings used to get a professional sounding mix. Despite what people may think, EQ and fancy reverb are FAR less important than being able to separate the sounds in a mix using panning and levels.

Adding compression might be cool - but this panning request is probably a "low resources" type of request and would be relatively easy to program into your app.

By the way - one way you can "solve" the need for a compressor would be to add some additional features to the wave shaper such as a "studio tube amp" setting that mainly "fattens" the tone rather than adding distortion - your soft setting almost does this with the drive turned down. A VERY aesthetic and "PHAT" sounding compression is a natural consequence of tube amps, and in many cases sounds better than a compressor (I'm sure a high quality compressor would be a resource hog...).

Okay - I'm having a BLAST with NanoStudio - this is one of the best things that ever happened to the iPhone - keep it up!

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Been using this amazing app for about a week now and am loving it.

The biggest issue for me though is that I am not able to import a song that I have been working on in another app into one of the tracks so I can then add from Nanostudio to it.

For example I have a song about 3 mins in length that I would love to be able to bring into NanoStudio. It's about 40mb (.wav) so cannot go onto a TRG pad. I tried splitting it into smaller parts but the joins are audibly noticeable so that is out of the question too - and it's a very inelegant approach anyway.

Perhaps the option that one of the TRG pads could have no size limit... or being able to import it as a separate 'Audio' file/track i.e. not a 'Bank', 'Project' or 'Sample' and with no size limit.

If the concern is that too many large files will reduce performance then, restrict it to one only, or have a warning dialogue box come up when you import a large file so the user knows what he is getting himself into.

This would really enhance it's usability within the iPhone copy/paste eco-system too, as real exchange between apps needs to be able to move the whole 'bounced' song from one app to another in order to add detail to it in a meaningful and accurate way.

It really is a fantastic app - I would love to be able to use it with more of my projects that don't necessarily begin within NanoStudio.

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Loving this app, great work Matt..

The one thing that'd make a huge difference to me, which you already seem to be covering, is EQ per channel and more importantly EQ per TRG-16 pad. Each sample I use in the TRG will potentially need different EQ'ing, a global one for the channel is not enough. So maybe an offline EQ in the sample editor is on the cards?? Pop in a compressor there too and it really would be a powerful beast :)

Blip Interactive
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Per channel EQ, compression and a number of other effect goodies will be coming in the next update. It's highly likely that I'll be able to fit in some effects for offline processing in the wave editor too.

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Someone here said this first version felt like it was version 3 already. I second that!! :D

Im using this App a lot. I love it.

Some thoughts.
Song/Arrangement view: I don't use the scroll bar, and the scroll/pinch button on the left, and that arrow thing on the right at all. Maybe its just me, but.. I would love a "loop selection" button instead, and/or perhaps +/- grid buttons. If not those, some kind of smart hot keys could speed up editing and arranging (even more). If its a bad idea, then forget it. :P

Would be nice if Tools opened and closed with the same button. :)

A tip for side-chain compressor and side-chain gate:
In Ableton I use a dual ducking and gating rack. 2 midi inputs: it can simply duck and gate from a midi side chain from any track. And the gate and duck/comp have individual attack, hold and release. If ducking from a kick, use the kick midi note to set the duck lenght, and get perfect ducks regardless of tempo change. It wold be super cool to have all this in the same minimal plug. There could also be a switch between midi side-chain and audio side chain.

My 2c and lots a love!!