Feature requests ( OSX/iOS )

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Eden :
All parameters in the midi mapping section
PWM option in the OSC section ( for Saw and Square PWM would be fantastic ! )
Sync OSC - adding user selectable waveform for OSC B
1 shot mode for LFOs
Some stepped waveforms in LFOs
Trig :
Triplet choices in autobeat 1/8T / and 1/16T at the least

Jack (iOS)

Thanks for your time .

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+1 for complete Eden & FX automation

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the fact that NS is free for Mac is great. I have it also on iPhone with alai Synth station and it's nice.

The only thing i would on the Mac Os version would be Short cut, and ability to use the mac keyboard. For typing text and play music like in garage band. Beside this, everything is ok. It's the only reason that makes me use other softwares while i'm on my Mac.


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@ashtar I think you need to update to the latest version of NanoStudio on the mac. 1.4+ has all of those requests. See page 65 of the manual: http://blipinteractive2.co.uk/downloads/NanoStudioManual%201.40.pdf

Also, I'm pretty sure you can use the Synth Station as a midi controller for NS Mac by plugging in a USB cable. It will be far more responsive than using the qwerty keyboard.