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I programmed 2 songs in Nano Studio on my iTouch recently & have now installed Nano Studio onto my iMac. Both Nasno Studio versions are 1.3.4. I then used Nano Sync to import files & projects from my iTouch to my iMac. I can't see how you load the projects or files into the Mac version of Nanostudio. I went to the manage window & then to load. I clicked on Finder & navigated to where my files & projects were saved. Inside the project folder are files named for example Package.sng & Eden.Bank but when i click on them i get a message saying 'There is no application set to open the document' It is driving me crazy. I have spent 2 days trying to get it to work. Please help.

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Two thoughts for you.

1) Make an .NSP on your itouch and bring that over to your mac. Project folders don't always work the way you might hope.
2) You have to put your files into NS' project path. The rest of the computer is off limits. Check out this comment from the developer: http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/3409#comment-21895

Good luck!

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Try this:

1. On your iPod choose 'Export NSP' from the MANAGE/Project tab and follow the instructions.
2. Get the NSP file back to your computer using Email or NanoSync
3. On your Mac, double click on the NSP file. NanoStudio will launch and load the file.

More info on NSP files here : http://blipinteractive2.co.uk/downloads/ManualHTML/1.34/NanoWeb02-Gettin...
More info on NanoSync here : http://blipinteractive2.co.uk/downloads/ManualHTML/1.34/NanoWeb11-NanoSy...