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I just posted this question in the wrong forum, so apologies for the same question twice.
I read online that someone sent the audio out of the mac version of Nano Studio into Soundflower & then into Logic. I know how Soundflower works but i can't see how you can change the audio output of Nano Studio. Can it be done?

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I feel your pain! I've tried to get this whole situation to work several times and get nothing but weird noises that die out immediately or get "stuck" and I need to hit the MIDI Panic button on NS to silence it.

To address your actual question, I can only guess that Nanostudio automatically sends audio to whatever the System Output is set to (you can check this by Alt-clicking the volume icon in your menubar at the top of OS X). There you can set what the system is using for both Input and Output. Ostensibly, you set Output to be Soundflower and then in your DAW (Logic) you set Soundflower to be your Input. Let me know if you find anything out, as I'm still trying to get Logic to send MIDI to NS and actually get usable audio, let alone route it back to Logic to record it.

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There is a plugin for this. I saw it when I was looking for a way to make Swarm and GarageBand work together.