Receive buffer overflow

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Hi there. i have made four track now in NanoStudio and i couldn't be without it :) (you can check my tunes out @
My problem is i am uploading so many samples to my collection on NanoStudio that ive come across a buffer overflow. to try and remedy this issue i have deleted quite a few of the original samples that i was not using, but alas i am still greeted with the same error message, please please please help me as i am trying to get myself involved in some remix competitions this weekend :) cheers guys

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Hmm, looks like NanoSync gives this when it gets more than half a meg of filename data - I suspect you must have many thousands of samples. I could probably increase this limit for any future release, to be honest I added it thinking that if it gets a response of that size then something's probably gone wrong. I've since learnt that any limit generally gets exceeded by a user at some stage!

If NanoStudio can't list a directory due to this problem, you'll have to prune a few sample folders on your device until it starts working again.