NanoSync not detecting 4th generation Ipod Touch, im in need of asistance

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my ipod touch is not being found by nanosync not even with the ip adress, what should i do?
ive tried a few times, but i am new to this,

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I'd recommend rebooting your router as the first thing - sometimes this is enough to kick it into life.

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Here are few things you can try:
- ping your iPads IP address - no response would indicate network problems
- connect it with the USB cable to your computer and hit Refresh List in Nanosync (I often find that my iPad is more likely to appear in the 'Use Found Device' list when connected via USB cable)
- double check that Nanostudio is open and NanoSync is enabled and the status next to the Enable button is 'Ready'

I've just seen the date of this post... I doubt you're still having this problem...