Some samples for Eden

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Funny is that i don´t use my Seaboard often and use mostly my macbook keys as midi input. I only use the Seaboard if i really need accurate velocity events. But even here i like to use just a randomizer on velocity. My iPhone with 3D touch works great for polyphonic aftertouch and pitchbends as well. A "normal" playing on a touch screen is the worst thing for me and i can´t do that anymore.
Mostly i don´t edit my midi. I mainly use live input and use as is or record the parts new. Like you would do with audio but i like to have the midi data saves to change instruments and stuff.
I don´t see a dark side. I spend way to much money on things i don´t use (on iOS and mac) and the illusion that iOS is always the cheaper way isn´t true also.
That said i still think NS1 is still the best iOS DAW ever......sadly i can´t use it on my not so old iPhone 6S plus because i wanted to use new apps like Model D and IDAM connection to mac and whatever needs iOS 11.
Strange that on my mac which is now close to 5 years old i´m running the latest OS and old my plug-ins running still fine. Even if i wanted to run 32bit tools (which i don´t), there would be a way.
IOS and the hardware is just build to be obsolete after a short time.
Next is the app store itself is terrible. It might work great for bigger companies but since iOS 11 it´s even worse.
Back to NanoStudio.....i´m sure i will buy NS2 in a heartbeat if i still own an iPhone and there will be an iPhone version but of course i see what happens in the last years and the true is i´m not sure if NS2 can be even supported long enough, doesn´t come too late or can be handled still from a one man company.
Maybe it´s not what a developer want to hear but the truth is i will buy it mainly because of the retro love to NS1 and while BlipInteractive started my journey. Not sure if i even need or will use it.
I still would prefer a cross-platform tool i could get on iOS and mac (and maybe even windows). NS1 was great here and while NS2 might get a huge quality and feature bump it will loose that f.e.
I also tried all the other famous iOS DAW´s and found them not very touch friendly or intuitive to use mostly. I´m a bit scared that NS2 is maybe too much of a feature package to be still great to use like NS1. NS1 plus audio tracks (and a few other things) might just what i want on a small multi-touch device (i count iPads as well as small here).
I f.e. much prefer to fine edit or create presets and stuff on my mac and can play it on my iPhone as well. Touch screens are terrible for this.
Of course it´s also because i have everything i could imagine in Logic for a DAW and tons of plug-ins which offer things i still miss in iOS apps after all this years.
Whatever, i might be totally wrong and NS2 might bring back my love for iOS devices.

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since cubasis update - files / on my ipad / cubasis ..

my new wish is to browse nanostudio files the same way ...

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Sad that your Seaboard is neglected... Maybe that really isn’t necessary for your musical interests, but it seems to have so much expressive capabilities that when paired to Macbook/AU/ samples etc. That would be a great combination.

I think your journey in music has been one where your desires have grown faster than the ability of the Apple hardware & software. 8 years (since I’ve been using Apple) has brought a lot of changes, and NS2 is likely to be a big step forward for a lot of people. It will be hard for it to compete with a Mac or PC, but it shouldn’t really be a question of one or the other. Use each platform to the degree that it suits you. PC/Mac/iOS all have useful apps.

I think you could be quite good at creating apps if you tried that. I’d love to see what sort of synth app you would create...

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It´s O.k. since the Seaboard is my only external midi keyboard. I´m just often to lazy or have no time to really use it more often.
I do use iOS and mac (but mostly mac). Maybe i would use iOS more if i would buy an iPad again but i´m not a friend of tablets with iOS.
I wasted for sure a lot money on iOS and mac but at the end it helped me to find out what i really want.
NS1 was for sure a great deal and the only DAW on iOS i consider nearly perfect for a touch screen.