New Microsoft Tablets

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I realize we've already had the Samsung Windows-based tablets for awhile, but does the announcement of Microsoft's hardware entry into the tablet market influence your thinking on the Windows version of Nano? Might we see a Windows version that can run VST(i) plugins? Will this induce the major desktop DAWS (Sonar, Cubase, etc) to tweak their user interfaces to work with touchscreen technology? Is this an opportunity or a threat to whatever future plans you have? Not asking you to give up your secret strategy. Just curious as to your thoughts of the future and possible merging of mobile and desktop music production software.

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The honest answer is that I'm only one guy, so I have to try and stay focused on a smaller part of the picture. VST hosting and all the other posh things like that are probably best handled by larger companies with a team of coders and (probably more relevant) compatibility testers. I'm probably better sticking to smaller, more self contained apps - but that still means that Windows tablets could be a viable target in future. Oddly, although I already have the Windows version, Windows Metro could actually be a fair amount of porting work since they've chosen to make a clean break from the Win32 API and OpenGL.