Supersaw Sound in Eden synth?

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Does anybody have a tutorial or .nsp with a good quality supersaw? i really like that sound and would like to use it on one of my songs.

Jim Hanks
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I think it would be pretty tough to do with Eden. According to this, it would take 7 oscillators to emulate ! Of course you could use two oscillators in one patch and detune them but not sure how super that would be. Or you could sample another synth.

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I used the 15 edens once to make a supersaw, but it didn't sound very good without a whole lot of tweaking. I suggest you make the supersaw riffs on another synth and audio copy them into Nanostudio. Much less work.

Galaxyexplorer (not verified)

Yes is difficult to create a "supersaw" with eden but i don't care...for the few things you can't do with NanoStudio there are some other.
For a supersaw i recommend of course "Sunrizer" a real beast!

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As most said its difficult to impossible to recreate it but why not go for a sampled wav?
If you search the net you will find many offers though you might have to fine-loop them.
In case you cant find any, i think i have a relatively good called hypersaw or sum umm... somewhere that i can offer.

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Seconding Galaxyexplorer's recommendation. I have a handful of single note samples from Sunrizer that I've brought into NS and then tweaked in Eden (effects, LFO's, etc) that have made them really usable in NanoStudio. I put together a small .nsp for RokJok that has 4 of my favorite ones (1 pad and a few leads, if I remember correctly). Two of them are stock Sunrizer presets and two are ones that I programmed in Sunrizer myself. PM me and I can send you the .nsp, if you want.

Joined: 01/05/2012 aim is to get most out of the eden synth.. and there is a lot to discover!
Eden really rocks!

I have made a set of 3 presets that act together like a 6 oscillator sound. I called it MegaSAW.It will be on my "PoWeR oF eDeN" eden sound bank, when it is finished.

you can listen to the presets:

1. Short MegaSAW preset (3 eden synths= 6 detuned oscillators)
2. short SAW normal preset (1 eden synth= 2 oscillators)
3. long MegaSAW preset (3 eden synths= 6 detuned oscillators)
4. long SAW normal preset (1 eden synth= 2 oscillators)

For those who can not wait fur the sound bank:
I explain how i did it:

step 1:
(Update: i have made a video tutorial ..a few comment later )
you need 3 eden synths ( better get the 16 track nanostudio version!!)
play the melody on one eden, apply some parameter recording and then copy the midi part to the two other partial synths. To set up the detuning of the synths its helpful to record one continous note or to draw one longe note in the piano roll editor. Let it play in loop mode.

the first synth is just a normal saw preset with two oscillators

on the first eden synth use the DETUNE knob a slight until you hear slow swinging tone.

step 2:
Then turn on the second eden synth (also has two saw oscillators) and detune the synth with help of the AUX ENVELOPE (OSC A+B PITCH).

You should set RELEASE and SUSTAIN to max and set the AMOUNT knob to a very low value (about 0,01 to 0,05). You will notice how sound changes. After this you can detune the two oscillators of the synth 2 with the DETUNE knob until sound gets fatter. You may also need to tweak the first synths detune to find the right detuning. Dont overdo things. You only need small changes.

step 3:
The same (like in step 2) you do with the third eden synth, but you should choose slightly different detune values.

If you want a wider stereo image you can set the pan of synth 2/3 to left/right.

here you hear other examples of th soon coming PoWeR oF eDeN sound bank :
(pure eden synthesis without samples - except the drums)

Blip Interactive
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Nice. Something that might be useful : if you convert the first synth part to a pattern before copying it to the other synths' tracks, then any future edits you make to that pattern will be automatically reflected by the others. The disadvantage is that you can't apply different automation to each synth, but you can always convert the pattern back to a part if you want to do this.

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This has got me thinking!
Would it be possible to import your own short waveform loops into the oscillator? I have seen this on other synths.

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@Matt Thank you for the great idea. This will save a lot of copy work...

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you can still apply different automation to each synth! Just need to use a new sequencer lane for each synth track.

Great write up. added it to the faq thread:

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@syrupcore thanks to you.I have never used the additional sequencer lanes for parameter recording..

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now i have made a video tutorial

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Great tutorial! Thanks for putting that together.