Problem with many files upload

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I have a problem with the Windows version. Uploading multiple files in one dialog leads to a crash of NanoSync

I try to upload 304 wav files (all drum samples) and it fails. Windows 7 is bringing up a message window (unfortunately german).

I write here a translation:

NanoSync does not work anymore

The program does not run correctly due to a problem. The programm will be terminated, you will receive a message, if a solution is available ..

Okay ... so it simply got killed by Windows .. I have no clue why - I expect a buffer overflow.

If I select less files, everything works fine.

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This has been reported by the occasional user, but I've never been able to figure out the cause. In my tests, I've uploaded 1000's of files without a problem so I can only think it's down to a specific network configuration.

If you're getting this problem then it might be bext to try uploading in batches of no more than 100 files at a time. A bit of a pain, but you shouldn't have to do it too often. If you find that it's a particular sample file which causes the problem, feel free to send it to and I'll do my best to check it out.

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NanoSync stops transfering file when large size file (over 700kB-1M) is being uploaded.
When I upload 1 - 3.5MB WAV files from PC to iPhone4, NanoSync (PC) and NanoStudio stop file transfer.
(Pop up window of transfer status disappears before completing transfer.)
And NanoStudio's NanoSync window on iPhone continue to indicate 'Transfering files'.
Is that system limitation ? If so, how large file can be transfered ?
Is the problem solved by future update ?

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It should be fine - I think the limit in V1.0 is 64MB for a single file but I just upped it to 256MB the other day (for the future V1.1) and it would happily transfer the file. It will tell you if the file's too large.

If larger files are more likely to fail, I suppose it could be down to the WiFi signal. I don't suppose you've got anything else on the network transferring a large amount of data?