Announcing "drumTruck" command-line TRG packaging for NanoStudio

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Got thousands of WAVs and want to package them for nanostudio?

drumTruck is a set of BASH helpers to prepare and deploy TRGs for NanoStudio.

`truck` :: preview and save selected samples to a directory
usage: truck [target dircectory] (e.g. truck funked)
-> each sample is hit (background playing) and you hit YES or NO to keep or skip

`nanopads` :: build (multiple) nanostudio TRGs
usage: nanopads [kitname] (e.g. nanopads korg_x5_)
-> strips spaces from filenames
-> resamples anything that ffmpeg recognizes, to a 44.1k WAV
-> splits out to multiple TRGs, based on MAX_PADS (default 16)
-> build nanostudio Package.trg files
-> moves kits to the build/ directory, to use with nanosync


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awesome! Forked.

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added to the FAQ thread.

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If only I could figure out how to use, I assume these BASH utilities are for linux?

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@shimoda they are for OSX

launch Terminal and you'll be sitting at a BASH prompt.

cd into a folder with a bunch of samples and run
`truck` to preview,
`truck blah` to preview/select some samples into the blah/ dir,
and `nanopads` to generate a TRG per 16 samples.. (e.g. if you run it in a folder with hundreds of samples, you'll get a bunch of .trg directories, which you can drag onto your iphone with `nanosync`


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I think you'll also need to install ffmpeg. You should be able to get it to go on windows with Cygwin.

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Hi sorry if i come across as a complete fuckwit but the instructions you gave are pretty sparse and im sure there are many other users who would really like to use this too

i can open terminal ok...
i can change directories using cd whatever/whatever

but im not sure how to run truck to start with...

if i drag it to terminal i get
[PLAY] *wav Error: AudioFileOpen failed (-43)
[PLAY] *WAV Error: AudioFileOpen failed (-43)

ok fine no files there, so if i change directory

cd /Volumes/disk1/_duncan/nano/test_truck

and then type 'truck' at the command prompt i get
truck: Command not found.

Could you write a step by step set of instructions for getting this set up (at least on osx :) ).
This process sounds seriously useful!


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## drumTruck Installer
checks dependancies
copies to ~/bin
adds ~/bin to your PATH

# relaunch Terminal and you're set!
# I'm updating the INSTALL doc to cover dependancies (ffmpeg and afplay)