Producer Sessions Live 2011 - This weekend

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Blip Interactive
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If any of you are in London this weekend, you might be interested in going along to the Producer Sessions:

You need to get a ticket up front - day tickets are £10, plus a £5 for each additional producer session you want to attend (

One of the Sunday producer sessions will be presented by James Hockley, who wrote recently to say that he's going to be talking about iOS apps and NanoStudio:

"My name is James Hockley, I am a producer, programmer and engineer. On a recent trip to Ibiza I downloaded your nanostudio app on my iPhone, During the Trip I wrote an entire track on it, and am currently in the process of Mixing it in my Studio.

I wanted to let you know that I am taking part in a weekend event called Producersessions Live with Apple and Future Publishing, and am going to be talking extensively about how I use ios apps as instruments, and controllers in the studio, and I am going to be talking mainly about my experience with nanostudio and why its my main iPhone Music making app.


James Hockley

Ministry of Sound - Chicane - Toolroom - Blackhole Recordings"

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Wow that's really awesome.. wish I could get over there to check it out...

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Nice. I could do the 15 pounds. Too bad about the 1500 to get there though.

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Sounds good! Although I would personally be more comfortable if there was a side session for procrastinators. I'm not much of a ducer but I'm definitely a professional crastinator.

Anyway, congrats Blip, that's bound to be good advertisement. Maybe a testimonial..? ;)

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'professional crastinator' - I like that Stiksi. After spending my formative years in a band I am conditioned into a rather lazy form of songwriting where I just have half an idea which is then completed by the band. I now find that I have so many half baked ideas on the go I scarcely know which one to attend to, and consequently often don't attend to any!

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I procrastinate too. I'll have to tell you about it later.

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ha ha Yeskeys - in fact my typing my last comment impelled me to get stuck into one of my half baked ideas, to good effect. It's now my favourite self penned track of the moment, not quite like anything else I've done on NS, being verse/chorus with vocals.

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This is my ubergeekish method for combating the "never finish anything" syndrome:

All my unfinished projects go into a numbered list. The end of the list is "Start something new"; Like:

1) Project 1
2) Project 2
3) Project 3
4) Start something new

Then I use a random number generator to select a number, and that's what I work on that evening.

This way, the more half-finished projects I have, the less likely I am to start another project.

Of course, any time I get a particular "inspiration", I disregard the system and go with it.

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I was going to reply earlier, but then I started doing something else.

This is well worth reading if you want to make procrastination pull its own weight:

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@Stiksi: Great article. This is actually how I get a lot of things done at work (and yes, I also have a veritable plethora of half-baked NS ideas on my iPhone that need to be revisited).

One of my favorite quotes, from my roommate when I was in college: "I'm really bored. I have nothing to procrastinate."