Planned features for the first update

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Here's the work planned for the next update which is due to be in mid September. I'd like to get it done sooner but since the release I have less time to write code. I think things will calm down a bit on this side, and I have also arranged some coding help.

This update is mainly focused around getting stuff in and out of NanoStudio. Also, it will fix the 6 bugs which have come up so far. If there's any time left some more stuff may go in - I have a couple of surprises I'd like to spring if time permits.

I'm also maintaining a wishlist of the many suggestions made on the forums as well as my own ideas. It's a massive list - it needs to be prioritized, and it will take a lot of time to do everything on it. The features below not only represent those most requested, but they're also the features I think will build the most solid foundation for the way forward!


* Audio copy/paste - both Intua and Sonoma standards
* MIDI file import/export
* Support for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer
* Project import/export (self contained projects complete with samples packaged in a single file)
* Direct SoundCloud export from phone
* More mixdown options - individual track split, song regions, render tail option
* Pan controls in mixer
* Note preview in piano roll view when selecting and dragging
* Complete backup/restore of unsaved Eden presets when the app is closed or a call is taken
* Eden preset numbers now begin from zero, not one (this is to match preset changes made via MIDI)
* New (empty) global bank C for Eden
* Increased sample size limit to 8MB
* 'Loop on selection' feature in song editor - sets song loop points to the current selection
* Samples above 8MB can now be previewed in file dialogue (the first 20 seconds)
* MIDI input on Windows version
* NanoSync - Support for 24 bit wavs, copying folders and older PowerPC machines
* Snap to centre zero on pan knobs


* When an Eden controller is mapped to oscillator pan, it now takes it over the full L/R range
* Glide notes not recorded correctly (they don't overlap slightly as they should so they need lengthening afterwards in the editor)
* Drawing lots of notes in the pattern editor can result in a synth not responding until the project is reloaded
* Infrequently there is a hanging note (possibly when deleting a part which is being played), resolved by reloading the project.
* Chorus delay modulation destination doesn't work
* Using '&' in sample file or folder names causes the message 'The project file could not be loaded'. It may be possible to load your project's .bak file and then change any samples using a '&' in the file or folder name before resaving.
* Samples with a rate other than 44.1kHz do not play back at the correct speed.
* Vertical scrollbar doesn't behave properly when drawing in the pattern editor.
* Fix for first metronome beep not being played during count in at certain tempos
* Improved sequencer timing drift - now stays perfectly in time even when rendering a wav of any length
* Changed TRG-16 minimum release time so it doesn't sound different during resample/mixdown