List of Eden factory presets

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Blip Interactive
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Someone mailed me to ask if I had a list of the standard synth presets. I didn't but I hacked in a quick bit of code to print them out and I thought it might be handy to others. Here it is:

A00. 'SweepTeeth'
A01. 'VintageMono'
A02. '7th Heaven'
A03. 'Universal Bass'
A04. 'Dirty'
A05. 'LFOwned'
A06. 'Filters...'
A07. 'Piano'
A08. 'Detuned Bass'
A09. 'GlockenBlocks'
A10. 'Ravey Davey'
A11. 'Intervals'
A12. 'Guitar Solo A'
A13. 'VocalEnsemble'
A14. 'Full On'
A15. 'EP Cluster'
A16. 'That's Better'
A17. 'Nasty'
A18. 'Icy'
A19. 'Electric Piano'
A20. 'Tension'
A21. 'Forests'
A22. 'Yogo'
A23. 'Vocal Chords'
A24. 'Junglist'
A25. 'Feaseltron'
A26. 'Squeely Blip'
A27. 'Whirlpool'
A28. 'Ana Lead'
A29. 'Synth Ax'
A30. 'Hold Me Down'
A31. 'Helipad'
A32. 'Lekky Bass'
A33. 'Pulsar'
A34. 'Padded Cell'
A35. 'Drone Slide'
A36. 'Monoid'
A37. 'Ping Pong'
A38. 'Keep It Simple'
A39. 'Kyotocrol'
A40. 'Acoustic Bass'
A41. 'Bell Bunch'
A42. 'Stab 'im'
A43. 'Witches'
A44. 'Plain Strings'
A45. 'Rezzobuzz'
A46. 'Pinky Ponk'
A47. 'Terileptils'
A48. 'Bass E String'
A49. 'Bass A String'
A50. 'Windpipe'
A51. 'Karate'
A52. 'Prickly Heat'
A53. 'Mr Hammond'
A54. 'Crystalline'
A55. 'Funny is it?'
A56. 'Dubstep Bass'
A57. 'Outa Tune'
A58. 'Noise Strings'
A59. 'Sandstorm'
A60. 'G-String'
A61. 'A-String'
A62. 'Harmonics'
A63. 'Horror Show'

B00. 'Saw Strings'
B01. 'Square Bass'
B02. 'Sync Lead'
B03. 'Softly Softly'
B04. 'Chorderoy'
B05. 'Stargoat'
B06. 'Open Saw'
B07. 'Wrong Flute'
B08. 'Pulse Bass'
B09. 'I'm Scared'
B10. 'Tense Blips'
B11. 'Up and Down'
B12. 'Swirly Pad'
B13. 'Thin Strings'
B14. 'Nano-303'
B15. 'Mobile Phones'
B16. 'Bad Boy'
B17. 'Distorted View'
B18. '70's Sci-Fi'
B19. 'Vital Organ'
B20. 'Sync Up'
B21. 'Big thing'
B22. 'The Bells'
B23. 'Raining'
B24. 'Broken Cones'
B25. 'Organism'
B26. 'Octave Arp'
B27. 'Born to Lead'
B28. 'Steam Punk'
B29. 'Brassy Stab'
B30. 'Distant Hum'
B31. 'Space Birdies'
B32. 'Beepy Bass'
B33. 'Whistle'n'
B34. 'Octave Leap'
B35. 'Minor Stab'
B36. 'A-Power'
B37. 'Square Lead'
B38. 'Organized'
B39. 'Super Fly'
B40. 'Surge Bass'
B41. 'Smpl 'n' Hold'
B42. 'Wah Sync'
B43. 'Slippery'
B44. 'Never Same'
B45. 'Twisted Fair'
B46. 'Dee Ex'
B47. 'Breathing'
B48. 'Digeridrone'
B49. 'Rhythmz'
B50. 'Kin Wah!'
B51. 'FM Zapper'
B52. 'Congregation'
B53. 'Unoffensive'
B54. 'Gremlins'
B55. 'Plucky Loop'
B56. 'RestrainOrder'
B57. 'Random Cue'
B58. 'Gasping'
B59. 'Falling Down'
B60. 'Ringleader'
B61. 'Power Cord'
B62. 'Driven Leader'
B63. 'Early 90's'

Jim Hanks
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Great! Now, about that patch librarian.... ;-)

Blip Interactive
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Yeah yeah yeah whatever!

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This orta go in the manual, all Roland 1987 style. I dare you to make patch sheets.

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Come on Matt, Patch my bitch up : )

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Sorry for triple post. Spam filter refresh issue.

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Jim Hanks
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I was only halfway teasing about the patch librarian. I know you've got higher priority items on your list right now, so I would be willing to help out and provide back to the community (for free), kind of like the awesome TRG Maker tool. What I have in mind is this:
1. Use NanoSync or iPhone Explorer to get an Eden .bnk file on the PC
2. Run the librarian app and load the .bnk file into it (or maybe I'll make it a web app like TRG Maker)
3. Show a list of patches and let the user rearrange them (e.g. move all the bass patches together, or whatever)
4. Save the re-shuffled .bnk file back to disk and send it bank to NanoStudio as in #1
5. (Optional)have the app open a second .bnk and be able to move patches back and forth

What I need to know is:
1. Are you interested in help with this?

2. Given all the inner workings of .bnk files and NanoStudio, does this sound like it would work?

3. If the answer to both is 'yes', I think all I need to know is a bit of detail on the format of the .bnk files. Of course, I've peeked inside with a binary file editor but not much can be discerned from that. I don't think I need to know all the details - just enough to find the patch names and how to locate start/end bytes of a patch so I could rearrange them in a different order.

Feel free to contact me offlist if you're willing to allow me to pursue this.

Jim Hanks

Blip Interactive
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It's a grand idea but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty tricky. The first problem you're going to come across is that no single patch is a fixed size - they use variable sized data based upon what's inside them (eg. patch names, sample references, other options). Also, each data chunk defines a version number, and any parser needs to take different actions (and possibly conversions) based upon what version it comes across and what version it expects (dealing with backwards compatibility). Finally, there's an unused block of variable sized data that you still need to be able to parse even though it's skipped (it supports combination patches, which have never been exposed in NanoStudio).

Once upon a time during development it was easy because it used XML, trouble was that was too large and slow for production use.

Blip Interactive
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... and ignore Chudbensonfist, he's a mate of mine :)

Jim Hanks
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Sounds like some of my C++ binary data structures. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Of course, if you want to give me your source code for reading .bnk files, I'm still willing to give it a go. FWIW, I don't think the data versioning stuff would matter for this application.

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@Blip.... Please make this lists as adropdown windows/list within MS. Lets say with tap & hold the synth's blue text area.

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how can i load more presets like these ?

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Any chance the list could be augmented by noting which presets use samples? Maybe even the sample name....?

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Would be nice if we didn't have to scroll thru the entire patch list. I'd like to be able to pick a patch from a list

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I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this isn't the right thread for this. I did a search and there are several threads for this. Loving NS, particularly Eden. However, I'd really like to have a drop down list of presets/patches or even a really basic patch display with e.g. Categories (all bass patches etc). Anyway, consider this a +1 for such a feature request. Oh, and "hello", nice to be here!

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Welcome to the fold, KTB.

Wishlists is the most common thread for feature requests.