Transferring projects from iPhone to iPad

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Joined: 08/31/2010

Is it possible to transfer projects, samples, etc. that were created on my iPhone to my iPad with nanosync? I've tried but have been unsuccessful.

Jim Hanks
Joined: 06/14/2011

Can you export as a .nsp file on the iPhone and then import on the iPad?

Blip Interactive
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- Export your project on your source device as a .nsp.
- Using NanoSync, connect with that device and copy the .nsp file to your computer
- Still using NanoSync, connect with your destination device and copy it over there (make sure you put in in the /Projects folder)
- Finally, load the nsp file (just as you'd load a normal project)

It's best to copy .nsp files rather than project folders because this way you ensure that global data from outside the project folder (eg. samples and presets) is handled properly.

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Hi i'm travelling with a friend and want to transfer a project from his ipad to mine, if we get to a wifi connection and use nanosync to transfer the nsp. will the project be exactly the same once it's opened on a different ipad? Or will only the midi info trnasfer?

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The NSP will have everything.