Common problems and solutions

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Device does not have a WiFi connection available

- Make sure that you are within range of a WiFi network
- Ensure that you have Airplane Mode disabled and WiFi enabled (you can find these options if you exit NanoStudio and go to your device's Settings page).

WiFi seems to be available but I can’t connect

- Ensure that you have enabled the NanoSync Server (using NanoStudio’s MANAGE/NanoSync page).
- Ensure that your computer is connected to the WiFi network and that both your computer and device are on the same network.
- Check that your computer’s firewall is not blocking NanoSync (see below)
- Check that your router is not blocking NanoSync. Please note that this is difficult task unless you are experienced with networks.
My device isn’t listed in NanoSync’s connection dialogue
- With some network configurations it may not be possible for NanoSync to find your device automatically. Use NanoStudio’s MANAGE/NanoSync page to look up the device’s IP address and try typing it into NanoSync manually.

How do I unblock the firewall?

Instructions on how to do this may be found on the Microsoft site:

Firewall - Windows XP
Firewall - Windows Vista
Firewall - Windows 7

If disabling the firewall works, turn it back on and (further down the Microsoft page) there are instructions on how to add NanoSync as a firewall exception.

I can't drag files/folders to the desktop or an Explorer window

The NanoSync installer needs to install a Windows shell extension to provide this function. Shell extensions aren't started until you restart your machine, so if you've just installed NanoSync you need to reboot.