NanoStudio V1.2 beta2 for OS X/Windows now available

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Blip Interactive
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The V1.2 beta2 for OS X and Windows is now up for grabs! This incorporates quite a few changes and fixes based upon the feedback from forum contributors - maybe yours made it in?

NanoStudio V1.2 beta2 - OS X
NanoStudio V1.2 beta2 - Windows

Unfortunately it was necessary to draw a line somewhere on some of the larger changes. I think there were some really good ideas on the forum about how the mixer/effect navigation and mixer channel soloing might have worked and I was pretty tempted to try them at one point, but would have most likely set back the release by a week or so since so much is now tested and documented. Still, there's always a next time ...

The iPhone version has now been submitted, so fingers crossed that this V1.2 beta2 is also the version that we see in the store in 1-2 weeks time. As is usual, I'm going to continue with some extra testing just in case anything untoward turns up!

Cherubin Fantie
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Great Stuff! You do work extremely hard. And it shows with the resulting product. Can't Wait Matt :)


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4 effects per chain!! When did this happen!

The first thing Im going to do on my i4 is load up as many effects as possible till I reach 102%.
I wonder if you could count the audio stuttering as an additional effect? :^>


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Hi blip,

I've just checked out beta 2 and its awesome, 4 effects per track!

REALLY looking forward to have this on my phone!!

I was just looking at the html help guide and i noticed that the TCE-1 Compressor mentions a "Decay" nob instead of a "Release" nob.

Hope this helps :))

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Woohoo! It's not wrong to download this onto my work machine, right? RIGHT?

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Any chance of getting the manual steps for the beta version printo show on here i cant get PDF on my PC.

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Yeah, I kind of figured there was no chance for soloing in this update when you finished the manual, but this is such a monumental update… Right now, I'm able to use two or three Edens to make one sound and still not have to resample anything.

I've come across a bug, but I can't replicate it reliably: Sometimes when drawing triplets the pen adds two notes instead of one – one extra note after the correct note.

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I've noticed that too, but I wasn't sure what was causing the double notes.

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just gotta say this update is simply Tremendous !! was checking out the beta and was blown away by it within a few second.
wonderful work.. :)))
a true beast this has become.

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Simply amazing! i tried it on my laptop, and i was shocked how fast and easy i can create music! Few weeks ago i purchase beatmaker2 app on my ipad and it was worst experience and money investment i ever made...clumb,laggy, even simply things is so difficult to do, i really don't know why people are so in love with this app...But now i know that this week i buy nanostudio on my ipad and there is no way that i will be disappointed. Thanks a lot for this great job and sorry for my bad english :)

Best regards from Lithuania,