NanoStudio V1.2 beta1 for OSX/Windows now available

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Blip Interactive
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*** UPDATED - You can now find a Beta2 version here ***

NanoStudio V1.2 beta1 - OS X
NanoStudio V1.2 beta1 - Windows

It's likely to be a couple of weeks before NanoStudio V1.2 hits the app store, so why not have a go with the beta version for your Windows PC or Mac in the meantime?

All feedback welcome, particularly any bugs you think you might have found. It's too late now to make any major changes but there's still time to incorporate minor stuff and bug fixes into the iPhone version before it's sent off.


* The help manual is still at version 1.13. It will be updated in the next few days.

* V1.2 will read projects from all previous versions of NanoStudio but it will save them in a new V1.2 format.
To prevent your existing projects from being upgraded before the iPhone version is available the beta version
uses a different documents directory to the release version.


* In-app purchase to upgrade 6 to 16 instrument tracks (always unlocked on Windows/OS X)
* Configurable instruments on each track (TRG or Eden), mixer has its own track
* Configurable mixer with volume/pan automation and up to 3 insert effects per bus (input, send or output)
* New effects include compressor, 3 band parametric EQ and Lo-Fi (bitcrush/decimate) setting added to Waveshaper
* Offline processing of samples through an effects chain using the sample editor (with undo)
* Up to 4 sequencer tracks per instrument (up to 64 sequencer tracks in total)
* Retina display support for iPod/iPhone 4
* Supports launching and purchasing other audio copy/paste apps via the Sonoma compatible apps list
* TRG pad copy/paste function for duplicating pad settings and samples
* Sequencer track mute/solo, quantize down to 1/64, quantize event length and end as well as start, view grid without snapping
* Better mixer VU meters and accurate clip detection algorithm for final output stage
* Better 'picker' for choosing controller events in the pattern editor, note events can now be seen when editing controllers
* Eden loads samples ahead of time, so preset changes are ready when they're needed
* Added triplet settings to Eden LFO (this will affect some existing projects and presets)
* Increased instrument polyphony
* New Akai SynthStation25 button operation
* Tempo/time sig available from main menu
* New 'click only during record' setting
* Tidied up UI


* Autobeat missing during first count in
* Autobeat recording notes incorrectly if received via MIDI input
* MIDI file import/export improvements, time signature now correct
* Sequencer relocates to next earlier whole bar when recording starts
* TRG samples were played too loud on earlier hardware models (pre-iPhone 3GS)
* Eliminated click when TRG choke group polyphony was exceeded
* Fixed crash when pasting sample files exported from BM2
* Fixed bug where sample audition would sometimes incorrectly play in the file browser

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Amazing!! Cant wait to use 1.2 on my iphone. :))

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Sweet :) that will keep me happy for a few weeks matt

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So long, productive work day… But hello, sonic madness! :D

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matt: playing with it last half of hour and i'm excited ... until now didn't found any bug (trying mostly new features), everything works smoothly and eveything is designed with you usual great sense for maximum of "userfriendlyness"... every new component in gui is placed exactly where it should be placed and works exactly hot it should work ... i can't found enought positive works... simply awesome...

Can't wait when this arrives to my iphone (+ my upcoming iPad2 :-) ... this will be pure inspiration, finally i can completely forget my PC DAW and move my production fully only at ipad .. great great great !!!!

Cherubin Fantie
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Thanks for these editions Matt. This will definitely keep me occupied for the weeks to come until the release of the iOS version.

Thanks again


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This update is amazing!!! I'm almost tempted to take the rest of the day off from work just to play around with this, these new features have added so many possibilities. I understand that time stretching couldn't be added in this update, but oh boy when it does I can finally delete BM2, because honestly that's the only reason why it's still there.

I only have one question though. Is there a way to rearrange the tracks once I've recorded notes? For example, I created TRGs in tracks 9 and 10 and now would like to move them to 3 and 4. I change ideas as I build up a track and like to keep certain sounds close to each other.

Anyway I gotta go make music!!! Thanks for the update and keep up the great work! I hope you get rich off of this app, you definitely deserve it :-)

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This update is amazing im all ready making filthy wobbles and I've only been on it ten mins. I also like the extra gryme freestyles trg bank is juast wat i need is this going to be in the iOS update as I don't download many myself I just recreate them using resampling and Eden. Can't wait to have all these lovely extras in my pocket.

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Thanks Matt.

I'm testing it since 1 1/2 hour with an existing track I've made on my iPod Touch - everything's working fine.

The EQ's are sounding great, and the possibility to use the 5th planet effects on drums is amazing.

Maybe this is a bug?

In song view, if you have expanded the view to check the 'boxes/icons' for mute, solo and/or rec, ... and you press the headline (MUTE SOLO REC DEL ADD) the song position jumps directly to the start of the song. Is there any reason to do so?

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i like behaviour which described autorythm :-) it's feature not bug for me:), for easy quick jump to start of track :)

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The bitcrusher sounds bang on matt. Been messing around with an Oi style bass and it sounds spot on much better than the crap they gave us on bm2. my hat goes off to you, this update is some seriously powerful stuff and I can see why it took so long and I'm glad it did

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I just took a few of my finished tracks and played around with the new features. I'm so impressed with the new mixing features, seriously powerful stuff.

I can't wait to get this on my iPhone, I'll be able to write, mix and final cut my tracks during lunch breaks at work!

Well done Matt!

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Brilliant - functionality is great, and am thrilled about this update.

As far as suggestions - the one area where I'm concerned about workflow is the lack of solo buttons on the tracks. With individual effects chains and up to 16 tracks I found myself really wanting to mix in the effects from the mixer, going track by track. When mixing I prefer to solo on/off a track and adjust the compressor/EQ, etc..

The way it stands today, until you rename tracks, you just see Eden 1, Eden 2, Eden 3, Eden 4, Eden 5.....which makes it really difficult to know what you're adjusting (and usually a name like Lead doesn't tell me all that much actually). A solo button would make the process much easier to know which track you're editing, and you'd be able to hear the adjustments in isolation w/o going back and forth to the sequencer.

Anyway...great stuff.

Blip Interactive
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Yeah I hear what you're saying, the trouble is that the mixer was getting crowded and I was running out of room for anything else.

The best idea I could come up with was a button down the edge which toggles between pan and solo/mute controls, which might be something for future - I ran out of time on this one. Or a solo button on the effects chain - but there's not much room there (using a mouse pointer can be deceiving).

You can solo in the sequencer now which helps, but it takes longer to navigate over there and there's not always a 1:1 mapping between sequencer track and mixer channel.

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Tap title of mixer track to solo? Tap again to unsolo. Or perhaps a swipe down gesture.

I think it's acceptable to have such a feature invisible in the UI.

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The effects are great, especially the bitcrush. I'll have a lot of fun with that! The overall feel is overwhelmingly positive, but since this is me, I have a laundry list:

Found two bugs:

- Double clicking the instrument name in Song View (example: Eden 1), takes you to the wrong instrument. If I click Eden 1, I get Eden 4. Clicking Mixer goes to the mixer as it should (EDIT: No it doesn't, I'm getting Eden 3 now).

- In Part Editor, the Move buttons still block a part of the editing area when editing automation. Extending the scrollbars like in note view would solve this.

Enhancement wishes:

UI stuff:

- Mixer: I would also like to have an invisible soloing feature in the mixer. This was the one I noticed instantly and it really is the number one frustration – going back and forth between the song view (and expanding the channel controls) and the mixer to solo a track. All these other suggestions are secondary, please, please think about this! (double tap channel name?)

- Mixer: Why can't I tap & hold directly on empty FX slots in the FX editor? The huge empty spaces are screaming for me to click them. The FX Chain buttons are small in comparison. The basic instinct is to tap big things over small ones (yes, bad pun intended).

- Mixer: Why can't I scroll directly from FX view to faders or the other way around? I get clicking an FX button to get to the FX screen but to get back I find myself frequently hunting for the right button. I know double clicking any channel's FX button will take me back but honestly, that's a workaround. Scrolling would be simple and in line with the UI logic you established with Eden. (I know you thought of the FX rack being situated above the faders in the virtual space, but it can also be below, so scrolling is logical)

- Mixer: Because there's now fader automation, it would be great to have some reference values in dB to the side of the faders. Right now it's guess work until you start moving. You could fit scrolling AND this into the sides each to one side.

- Mixer: FX-chain – as long as there are only one of each type of effect device, couldn't the FX chain read the current effect, not the device name? As in, "Reverb" or "Bitcrush" instead of "E-Space" and "5th Planet".

- Mixer: Tap & holding the Channel Name, could be used to rename the instrument.

- EQ: I would like the highs to go at least up to 15 kHz. Unless there's a CPU cost to it I think there's room on the knob for this. Bass could also go down to 20 Hz to allow cutting at the extreme low end, but that's less important than the highs.

- Ok, this you can safely ignore – it's my selective "OCD" – The mixer doesn't actually need a number since you can't have more than one. That way you can start the instruments from number one and it corresponds with Eden 1, Eden 2 and so on. Or if you feel you need the number anyway, zero's nice and round :)

Thank you so much for accurate units on the effects! And automation works like a charm. Very, very smooth!

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I was thinking exactly that for the mixer... tab name for solo/ double tab for mute... something like that....

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Fantastic... all really:

one small possible bugg When you open the trackview to see solo , mute record etc: you can't use the "move clip " anymore.
you still can shorten clips but not move them.

... going to play further, damn going back to ipod version will be hard...without the new things

maybe in the futur i would love to be able to edit Reverb settings myself instead of using 5-6 presets.

But Damn what an amazing Update.....

i'll be back soon with new comments .

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+1 on the more control over the Reverb... Matt ??? did you change the color of the fonts in the eden patchbay on the iPhone version as well ???? If you did you are AWESOME that was my one feature request many months ago... THANK YOU !!! my eyes suck and this is going to make it much easier to read... Whoot !

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fan freakin' tastic update -- unreal, really.

really liking:
- can afford to have 1 instrument per channel in mixer, which makes mixing so much nicer than adjusting the velocity of the pattern
- the +/- in song and pattern edit section for quick zoom in / out
- the ribbon across the top having quantize|undo|loop in same row as stop|play|record -- moved to make room for the more instruments I'm sure, but this layout is easier to scan imo anyway
- record click -- nice addition, eliminates extra touches so nicer flow from record -> playback
- ability to get back from Song to Instrument by double click - (I am seeing same bug as Stiksi though, takes me to wrong synth); but again, nice workflow
- new color scheme for patch bay
- way of clicking from mixer to effects and back, including that first touch of a different track's fx means "I still want to stay here" but second touch takes back to mixer

- one touch track mute in song mode, +1 for soloing feature which with more tracks feels more important than mute - single click like suggested feels intuitive

would like to consider for future update:
- one click way to get from instruments to song - takes two clicks today, and this is a fairly common workflow for me
- side scroll on mixer -- jump to next 'screen' rather than just 1 fader over per click?
- I actually really like this idea of stiksi's -- small point, but makes default naming fit nicely with the instrument numbering
The mixer doesn't actually need a number since you can't have more than one. That way you can start the instruments from number one and it corresponds with Eden 1, Eden 2 and so on.

as everyone else already , thanks for such an amazing update. can't wait.

Thomas A.
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Really great work - thanks!

After clearing a song via "Song Tools -> Clear", the track list is empty (as expected). How do I assign devices to the empty tracks? The funny thing: When I save this empty song and reload it, the track list contains devices again. I'm not sure: Is this behaviour a bug or is there something I don't understand?

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i have to write my old wish again:
when i´m recording a new part in the locater area and stop the recording, the part is merged with the existing part before in the timeline. now i have to seperate (split) the new recorded part from the part before to have my part independently again.
its an additional step i´d like to avoide.

beside this, i´m fine with the update.

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I think that the fx sounds terrific! And I love the new flexible insert system where you can change the insert fx chain just the way you want, especially on the main mixer channel. Well done!

Though I wish that the three TRG faders would remain colored blue green and red as in the earlier versions. Is there a reason for making them grey? I find it easier to remember which fader is connected to which channel when they are colored. Same for the TRG channels' fx buttons, it would be easier if they were colored appropriate. Also I don't think it's necessary to hold the fx buttons down to change fx, it would be enough just to touch and release. I agree with those who talk about access to solo/mute buttons isn't really easy enough.

Otherwise it's a pretty solid update! Haven't found any bugs yet.

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I think I've found at least a visual bug. When clicking from "click while record" to "click while playback", it shows an "x" while you hold down the button, but when you release it, it changes to the playback symbol. Is that a bug or does it mean something?

Edit: Also, how do you move a part in the sequencer? I've tried the left handle, but nothing happens...

Blip Interactive
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Yeah the click button's a bit odd - buttons normally show the next value while they're held but this one cycle's a bit differently. I decided to leave it because your finger's over the button on the iPhone version :)

The left drag handle seems to be a problem when the track info panel is expanded in the sequencer. I'll look at that.

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I have to commend you Matt, excellent work, the update is everything I dreamed it would be, and so far everything functions the way I would expect.

I do have one concern, that you already voiced when putting the feature in. One of my favorite new features are the new timings in the Beat Synced LFO, allowing us to do Triplet LFO's. When deciding to put this feature in, you were concerned about breaking previous tracks, and unfortunately this is a side effect and I did load up an old track, now it does triplets when you couldn't before, it does sound different of course, so I could adjust it so the automation doesn't fall on the triplet settings, but for compatibility would it be difficult to put a button or option to switch from new expanded triplet mode to the old mode?



Joined: 07/28/2010

matt: the thing which distraub mentioned remind me my old request abou more faster LFO in freerun mode .. it's too slow for some special effects, it will be great when maximum value will be approx 1.5x (or better 2x, ideal when it comes somewhere to 300hz max - it is GREAT for sounds with filter modulation ad high frequency, very important thing in musical style which i do :-)) bigger as it is now .. and, when you aready made in this secton change which is affecting old traks, maybe it will be good in one turn also increase freerun maximum speed ;-) when one change affects old tracks, why not join it with another change in over same know, which eventually too affects old tracks ... it will be really awesome when LFO freerun mode will be able to ho higher values, 300hz ideally or at least 1.5x - 2x than it is now... i know, no time for now for any big changes, but increasing maximum value of know theoretically should be not much work ?.... you saing no ? .. aach, okay, i was just trying:), forget it... :-D

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Had a VERY brief play with 1.2 this morning - looks very VERY nice indeed. Can't wait to mess around with the effects especially!

Not found anything wrong but was wondering:
1) On the sample offline effect I wondered if the play icon should be clearer? I missed it the first couple of times I went there (could have been me, I was supposed to be going off to work....).
2) As someone else mentioned on another thread having the actual values in the Eden synths (ms, hz, etc.) would be handy.
3) Any chance of PWM as an option on the Eden oscillators? I love a nice filter swept PWM..... :-)
4) Can the patterns be named via the part/pattern dialog? E.g. 'bass1', 'verse pad', 'shwoosy-blippy-thing' rather than '01', '10', '08'.
5) Any chance of having somewhere to enter some text into the project? Somewhere under the Manage Project screen perhaps? Just so notes relating to the project can be kept within Nanostudio itself. I would find it useful for noting 'to-do' ideas as well as possible song titles etc.
6) Having a very high LFO rate (as dendy mentioned) would be very nice - I remember having loads of fun way back in the 80s with a Yamaha monosynth doing just that.

None of the above are that important - but you did ask for feedback!
Will have a longer play when I have some time.


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Hey Matt, Since you have two NanoStudio apps going at the same time - iOS and PC/Mac, will it be possible and fairly easy for you to include ReWire in PC/Mac version, or does it require the rewrite of entire desktop app?

Joined: 07/31/2010

Played with the OSX version a little bit, really impressed by the changes!!

Some things i've been bothered with (or did not found how to do):

- since the mixer has now its own track, i figure it's now possible to automate mixer settings (volume/pan of tracks, at least)? but did not found how to do so...

- having the mixer as the first track in song mode kinds of disturbs me, and an empty track at the top is not the best in my opinion. Having it at the bottom a bit like ableton live should be more relevant, as it wont be the track we will be modifying a lot.

That's all for now, still investingating the new features... ;-)

Joined: 11/21/2010

@ Noda: It's possible to draw curves for the Master in the Mixer track in the Sequencer. The other channels' volume and pan curves can be accessed through the device tracks themselves. (Go Note->Volume or Pan in the Part editor).

And Blip… FOUR TRACKS PER DEVICE?! Are you kidding, that is simply incredible! :D