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Just wanted to say thanks so much for providing a free app for windows like you did. That was very generous of you I think.

I want to get an iphone - it's amazing the way you coded it for windows and Iphone....hats of to you. As soon as I get my hands on an Ipod or Iphone I hope to buy Nanostudio. Some of the tracks people are doing are amazing. It is the future! It shows you how touch comes into it's own looking at the videos.

The interface is so well thought out. Really intuitive. I think an app like this can encourage people to make music over something like Reason as there are limitations ( in a good way) - so you don't get bogged down in too many choices or synths e.t.c. Sometimes limitations are a good thing when making art or music.

Is there much spare processing power is left in the Iphone version for any more effects? You seemed to have squeezed so much out of it already. It would be nice if you could run an audio track alongside ...............but to be fair there are other apps to do this if required.

It would be great if you could load in sounds (like piano) and use Nanostudio like a romper......that would be great live....a little Ipod and a keyboard like Akai Synthstation. Amazing to think of the possibilities for a live musician.

It would be really good if you might be able to map Qwerty keys to the keyboard on the windows version - it would make it more intuitive to use as one tries the keys to get sounds when you open the app. Also would be nice to be able to stretch the screen a bit - at the moment I have to drop to big deal.....I expect it's harder to achieve as you designed it at a certain rez...

Anyway thanks again for being so generous giving everyone a tool to play around with for free. Wonder what Nanostudio 2 will bring.......mmmm...............


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I didn't really know where to fit this in, and didn't want to make a new thread, but I just had to comment on an awesome experience I just had.

Was transferring projects from the iPhone to my computer and my wife called in the middle of the transfer. I totally expected either a) NS takes a dump or b) Nanosync on Windows blows up.

Neither happened. Nanosync waited patiently until the call ended and then picked up exactly where it left off.

I don't know if this was intentional, or just how it happened but it put a smile on my face haha. Awesome work!!!

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Glad they used 'surface'. Smart move. Looks like a nice machine.

Edit: how in the world did this end up here?

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Surface sure caught my attention. USB will be useful.

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I probably forgot to add a network timeout :) But yes, as long as the app stays running then it should keep the network connection open, even if it's not in a position to respond for a while.

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Wow, dada thread! :D

That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, bingo!