TRG Maker 1.1 - 6/5

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Are you moving them into NS with NanoSync? One of the long standing issues with this is that if you have the file browser already open in NS, it doesn't spot that new files have appeared when NanoSync copies them in. You have to persuade it to refresh its view by going up a folder and then back down again (or closing the file browser and opening it again).

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Actually, was using iFunbox for this: Nanosync doesn't play nice with my corporate firewall and I was doing all this at work at the time. (cough... don't tell my boss.)

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getting the "terribly wrong" popup message after assembling a kit ... export reaches 100% before the popup appears.

this is my first time attempting to use TRG maker so of course i could be doing any number of things wrong, though i decided to start slowly and build a kit from some one shot synth hits, none of which were very large, and all were .wavs.

thanks for any advice!

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Think we were talking on the AB forum and you mentioned having an outdated browser. Same person?

You might also try grabbing a few of the included drum sounds from within the NS desktop app and uploading those. They are known to work. If that works for you, there may something wrong with the samples themselves. Are they 32 bit by chance? I reckon that'd choke it but I'm not really sure.