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I would also like to add the fact that sidechaining is invaluable when producing a track with VOCALS. Sometimes you can come up with the perfect backing track, but once you record and add in the vocals, the mix suddenly goes to hell. You can spend hours fiddling with this EQ and that EQ and still come up short. Luckily, that’s where sidechaining and transient processing come in. The transient processor sharpens the vocal, making words more understandable, and applying sidechain compression to the instruments buss (not the drums buss, the INSTRUMENTS) using the lead vocals as the trigger will make the vocals pop and everything gel like magic.

EDM and Pop are some of my favourite genres to produce, lol. I think the reason producers use that pumping effect is to energise a thick mix while still allowing the kick to hit hard. Me, I use the pumping effect in slightly subtler ways. I definitely use pumping on a subbass (although never on a mid bass). I’ll sometimes use pumping on one layer of a three-layered pad. I’ll use pumping on one of the reverb sends. However, if I want my kickdrum to pop through a mix without pumping the mix, I’ll use a separate channel for the sidechain kick (which will remain muted), shorten the sidechain kick until it’s 50-60ms long, and apply it SUBTLY to troublesome elements that try to engulf the real kickdrum. This takes a sliver out of other elements on every beat rather than pumping everything, allowing the transients of the real kickdrum to pop through with no pumping.

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Subtle vocal ducking is a really good use for sidechain. I do remember doing this by riding the fader but that does require more than one take unless you have photographic memory and perfect hand-ear coordination so in this case I have to admit, volume automation will be quite a bit slower :D

I can't do EDM or pop at all. I try D&B every now and again but I still end up somewhere between Fluke and Underworld rather than anything from the last two decades.

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Nice tips jwmmakerofmusic! I'll have to try some of those out sometime. My biggest weak point is in the FX/signal processing/sound engineer aspects. Sounds like you too have some great uses for side-chaining. Side-chaining may not be all about pumping bass, nonetheless, I reserve my right to have old codger rants about modern music if for no other reason than there were old codgers ranting about the music I listened to when I was younger. Hrumpf!