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What Slam-Cut said.

$40 is reasonable, $50 if it had audio tracks.
I won’t mind paying additionally for the iPhone version. Some apps do that. And I’ll buy any IAPs that are offered.

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> You can always lower the price and offer temporary sales. Starting off with a low price implies that it usn’t worth much, and that is not wise for the long term life of Blip Interactive or iOS music app devs in general.

STRONGLY agree with this !!

> What Slam-Cut said. $40 is reasonable, $50 if it had audio tracks.

@matt: It looks that there is very solid consensus on forum that any starting price bellow approx $30 will be not much appreciated by users :-)) So, you need throw at least 2 or better 3 dices before you multiply it by 5 to get final price

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> So, you need throw at least 2 or better 3 dices before you multiply it by 5 to get final price

Or get out his red velvet "MB" monogrammed D&D dice bag.

We should be careful in thinking that the folks posting on the NS forum represent any sort of consensus of NS users (current and would be). I agree with the consensus such that is though, naturally. :)

How about the reverse of a release day discount: Only announce it here on the forum for the first day and charge double for 24 hours so folks who feel indebted can feel good for the future.

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Nice idea syrupcore. Is there a way to price like on Bandcamp - a ‘pay what it’s worth to the individual’ price with a minimum amout equalling the retail price? I won’t enjoy the app as much if I have to pay less than $40, and I’d like to pay more so I can really enjoy using the Unicorns & Fairy Dust FX.

The forum consensus opinion won’t necessarily match the rest of iOS musicians, but it is a starting point. I think many people who have spent a lot of money on the other DAW and synth apps will perhaps need convincing that they need NS2. I don’t think we should try to convince iOS musicians to come back to NS2 by offering a super cheap price. Features will be what sells the app, and a lot will depend upon reviews and what we write on this forum and other forums about the pros & cons of NS2. I expect that there will be many that won’t be convinced to try NS2 until the audio tracks IAP is available and perhaps even the universal version release.

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$40 regular price. $25 intro price. $10 to add on audio tracks (making the final product with audio tracks $50, the same price as Auria Pro). IAP content library packs from $4.99-$9.99 (same prices as Beathawk’s expansions), and for those who don’t feel like shelling out a ton of money at once for IAP samples, $2.99-$4.99/month subscription for instant access to the entire IAP library (but this would be an OPTIONAL subscription as opposed to what Auxy did by making their IAP library as mandatory subscription-only, and this would be for the IAP content library only, not for extra features better served by one-time IAP fees). Cheers.

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Put a good solid price on it. If you go cheap it will appear to be cheap, whereas a good solid price makes it appear like people are getting something worth it, and every indication is that the product will back up such a price tag.

I'd say $29.99. It's a DAW. Other brand name DAWs on iOS go for more. Nanostudio doesn't have the same status as Korg or Steinberg, though again, quality products deserve quality price tags. So don't go too low.

After that, put it on sale periodically, including an initial sale price. I'd bump it down to $19.99 to start, for maybe the first week or so.

From there people will likely buy reasonably priced add ons, like audio tracks and sample packs (or whatever you have planned). By reasonably priced I mean no more than $9.99, with perhaps the same sale plan mentioned above (sale to start, sales periodically thereafter).

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> If you go cheap it will appear to be cheap, whereas a good solid price makes it appear like people are getting something worth it, and every indication is that the product will back up such a price tag.

Another important thing is revenue.. if you for example choose between $20 and $30 ... its 50% increase of price but defintely will not cause 50% less people to buy it ..

29.99 looks like solid price which should be accetable for majority of users ...

> After that, put it on sale periodically, including an initial sale price.

Ocassional (random, and just short, few days max!) short sales are ok - they works effectively also like advertisement :) ..

but don't agree with initial sale price.. initial sale price is bad habit in my opinion from many reasons .. most users buyu app in first weeks after release - so initial sale means cut of major revenue part .. I'm wondering why developers want this, it's not even a little bit good decision in terms of business and cashflow....

Who wants app badly (most of community :)) will buy it for normal price.. who want's save few bucks, will wait for sale .. initial sale is evil :)

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Initial sale, along with specified time frame for sale, helps corrall every potential buyer as there will be some out there on the fence who will see the sale expiration date and want to get in before that date.

There's going to be at least some level of initial hype that will bring a lot of eyes to the app. The people who have been waiting will very likely have good things to say, both just because of the app but also the excitement of a new app! That buzz plus the sale will help seal the deal for those curious eyes.

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I think a full price at launch is best so dedicated NS users can get the app right away and help support Blip. Sale price can come later, perhaps to bring attention to universal version and major IAP like audio tracks. Fence sitters will wait until Christmas sale anyway.

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I tend to say full price as well. In the end though I guess it will be Blip's decision.

I think it was you Slam and syrupcore that said add a bandcamplike option. I think that, that would be an AWESOME idea. I didn't join this forum until recently, but I have been using nano for at least five years now.

I have often thought, wow, for the amount of time I have put in it, I wouldn't mind giving a "tip" to the guy who made it. I believe Nano2 will be the same. So a tip option would be nice. To me it's not a pride thing to say "I gave more than you did for this app."

To me it is a way for us who will use it, and who have used Nano1 alot to support the guy who has spent so much time working on it.

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I agree. It has been suggested in the past that the Blip Interactive website needs a PayPal Donate button.

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I can't inject myself into the mind of Matt (blip interactive), but if I had to guess the type of artist he is, it's that of someone who is making this thing (NS2) because he truly enjoys it. If he were interested in heavy monetary gain, the rollout would have more of a commercial feel, complete with a preemptive advertising scheme.

It's been very hush, with all of us pining over tidbits (which I love; it's anticipatory porn), so I imagine he's mostly interested with it being a solid representation of his vision.

That being said, he's not going to make it an over-the-top $ release (even though it deserves it), mostly because it needs to separate itself from the pack — it's unique in that aspect.

So, Matt; make it accessible. For those that think that 'cheap' means inferior, let them go. Don't do a 'sale' type thing. I hate sales. It's art; just pay what the artist feels is appropriate. Do realize that there's enough of us here that would donate the shit out of a 'paypal donate' button on the page, so rely on that. My experience with FOSS has proved that to be true.

Seriously, you could easily price-point it ridiculously low, and we will be up in arms and demand it greater. Give us an option to express that. The app store is polluted, so lets change that.

Final conclusion: make it a 99 cent app.

jk, don't do that. xo

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Long time lurker. Very excited about NS2 and watching this forum with interest. My 2c on pricing: BM3 is NS2's natural competitor (I bought it it, I tried, I really did. No likey.) so I’d suggest matching it. £20 for a few days on launch. I’d be happy to pay for IAPs but, having spent more than I should in Gadget and cubasis, I would want full functionality for no more than £50. I’d also like Ableton link ASAP, so I could use Module, iM1, monopoly etc in Gadget , then import them as audio tracks. Which isn't ideal, but better than nothing.
I love NanoStudio. At the time, I had just a handful of music apps, so not being able to use them wasn’t a problem. Now I’d miss using them. Let’s hope everything goes AU, but I doubt Korg will make the leap.
I’ll be buying day one, naturally, but I don’t know if it’ll become my go-to if I can’t it with use some of the great apps I've bought already.
But...my money is burning a hole in my pocket, Matt. Just saying.

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Will be anyway an adventure.
BeatMaker 3 which was even free for some days doesn´t seems to got the sales when i read between the lines (i could be wrong).
The iOS market is not the best for music tools as well.
My worthless 2 cents. I think something between 30-50 could be good.
Over 50 would def. too much (even if it´s worth it for some folks).
Under 30.....i couldn´t take it really serious and i think even if it would gives you a larger customer base to start, most of them waiting for sales or bitching about "it´s too expensive". It could also cost you more time and money to attract to many "wrong" customers to support and they won´t you give you any income in the future.
I saw a lot stories about iOS and app developers. It seems to be one of the most dangerous and unexpected markets. No one knows really what will work best for a long time. Intro sale, sales every few months, free app with lots of IAP.
The problem i see is that the user number which are really a good target for a pro music app is still too low for big app projects in a niche.
Even as a fan i don´t know if i could trust the future of any iOS app.
If you do no intro price you should wait at least a few months before you make a sale.
Personally i like the U-he style the most (which might not work in the iOS world maybe). About a 30% less intro price and then never any sale again.
But on iOS a lot developers seems to experiment with sales, free, jumping with prices every few weeks.
Over the last years i think that iOS is not a good market at all and won´t be if the app store and the usual "i want everything for cheap customer" won´t change a lot.
I think making several cheap apps might work better than one large one and then try to build a fellow customer base behind the hardcore user which are in forums (since it is a very small part).
The strange thing is that some iOS apps are even expensive compared to better free stuff or the content you get on desktop tools for not much more but people still think that desktop tools are always way more expensive. Another sign that a lot people doesn´t seem to really investigating in the tools. IOS is a lot about impulse buyers but that might not be so good for the small part which wants to get a stable app which offers pro features and a developer with enough income to build on this in a longer term.
I wish iOS only developers good luck but i don´t think they should expect to get a serious income for what they do (at least not if you are an independent developer).
In times where no one knows where this all goes but i don´t want to focus on a single OS or device i much prefer apps which are available as crossplatform solution.
I see iOS music apps vs. the bigger tools more like the freemium iOS games compared to the triple AAA PC and console games.
It looks often super cheap and great first but then you realize that you pay much more for less and developers really can´t build much on this kind of consumerism beside offering the usual junk. The app store is a terrible place Apple always sit between the customer and developer.
I mean i will buy NS2 (for iPhone) in a heartbeat, whatever it will cost or not but that is mainly because i´m a fan of the old NS1 and it almost has a nostalgic character to me to support Blip Interactive.
The iOS market also gets more and more saturated and the competition might be harder these days too.
An iOS DAW without audio tracks plus IAP for that later might be good for us old users but could end in a shitstorm (dramatized) for the usual forum trolls. And iOS music apps seems to get the most marketing trough these forums, you-tubers and facebook nonsense.
Good luck!