Will NS2 be able to open projects from NS1, through Nanosync or some other app?

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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I've searched for the answer for a while in other threads and through the search box but didn't find the answer.

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Nope. Export the MIDI (and use new sounds) or export stems and import them as audio once audio tracks are added.

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Thanks. I am curious about recommended settings for export as Mixer Channel. I've got my channels and FX set at certain levels for the stereo mix. When exporting Mixer Channels, do I want to leave these levels as mixed or reset them all to best individual loudness? Will I wind up with less gain in my exported waveform if the fader is down or is the export independent of that? IOW, Is the best practice to mix in Nanostudio for the highest level in each channel, regardless of the overall sound of the mix, and then re-mix for musicality as channels together, in whatever DAW you'll be importing from?

It took me a while to learn how to do what you recommended so I'll leave breadcrumbs for myself or others below. If I've got it wrong or missed something important please correct me.

HOW TO EXPORT STEMS, Choose Mixer Channels in MIXDOWN/Output. Recommended format is Zipped Wav.

HOW TO EXPORT MIDI from http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/30
From the song page you can tap Tools and then choose the MIDI file category to import or export MID files.

Alternatively, if you're in the habit of exporting nsp files, you can rename the nsp file to .zip on your computer and you'll find a MID version of your song in the zip archive.

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You ask some good questions that I don't think I am qualified to answer. This requires Matt's insight, but he is probably completely swamped putting the final touches on NS2. Hopefully some of the forum members with more experience in this will chime in. I have not exported stems from NS1 to mix in other apps, so take what I say with a few grains of salt, maybe more.

The first thing I would do is export a final mix .wav file to use as a 'reference mix', then export stems. As a general concept I believe it is always desirable to have each stem as 'hot' as possible prior to starting a final mix, but without any clipping. In the NS1 Mixer a setting of 0.0 dB would theoretically be ideal, providing it isn't clipping. I don't know what things NS1 automatically does upon exporting files, but I wouldn't rely upon the app to adjust levels to prevent clipping. As I remember it will warn you about clipping prior to export, but it probably won't change any of the tracks. Just make sure there is no clipping prior to exorting stems.

There are many different 'methods/schools of thought/workflow best practices' when it comes to mixing. Some would recommend that you export your stems completly dry and apply FX in the new mixing environment. Since NS1 was just intended as an app to scratch out some ideas, the FX included aren't the best available (although good for it's day), especially these days. So transfering files from NS1 to another DAW (hopefully NS2) is a great opportunity to sweeten your songs with a new mix and better FX. I'd try turing all FX off prior to exporting stems. If after mixing in the new environment (DAW or studio) you can't achieve the desired sound, then you can re-import the problematic stems with FX added. It's easier to add FX later than it is to try to work against undesired effects of those FX in the new mix. For example a reverb on a track from NS1 may sound fine in a final mixdown done with NS1, but that same track inside another DAW might reveal a bad unnatural sound that comes from the reverb tails/echoes.

In terms of iOS there are a lot of FX apps and DAWs to choose from. Pick what you are most familiar with and try a few experiments with one track to settle on an ideal workflow. And let us know what you discover.

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Thanks for your reply Slam-Cut! It's been a few months since I visited the forums because I've spent most of my NS1 time in the interim mixing and exporting projects, listening to them in various ways, and going back to make adjustments. I wish I had checked in sooner, since you make good suggestions I hadn't thought of, for instance, I never thought to export dry, effect less stems and work with them in a daw. Just kind of fell into a mixing rabbit hole! But it's been great and I'm listening more intently now than ever.

I've exported some projects with channels and will check in again someday to report back on how I find the situation as raised in the question above.

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TLDR: exporting a dry mix is good. Mixing in DAW good too, but takes time.

I use NS since 2013 to iOS11. For a first three years I've been mixing totally in NS (but mostly tracks from wav samples, not synths), then export and listening and mixing again, and finally eq'ing and compressing mix in audacity. That worked while I was making demos and spent on them 2-3 hours for each. Which is very fast in my opinion. I was really happy.

The main problems is: lack of high freqs and low/high-pass filters (I done it with EQs), and lack of visual EQ. But at least I've trained my ears :-D
And you know how to bypass wav tracks? Just import a long sample and hold a key until it ends.

Now I mix in Tracktion DAW to make sound better. First of all I've tried to reproduce effects with plugins I have, but failed. Then I just export separate tracks dry and start mixing from zero. Sadly NS can export 16bit wave only, but overall sound quality is ok now with gates, saturators, EQ's, de-essers and so on. And I've spent on it a year, just to set it all up and make a good re-mix. So, be ready: it's not that fast.

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Hang on a sec here.. did I read that correctly? All of our NS song files aren't going to be compatible with the NS 2??

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@madejust - yes, you read that correctly. This has been well documented on these pages. Completely different architectures and file formats. As said above, MIDI and audio are exportable but not project files, synth presets, or effect settings.