Current state of Nanostudio with audiobus...

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Hey all,

I have an iPad 3, running 9.3.5

Everything was working great for the longest time, but now I find that with audiobus 2, most if not all of my input sound sources go silent when I hook them up and have nano studio as my output.

Are there other apps that you're using that will work with copying samples into nano studio? I have audiocopy & audioshare and they sometimes work, just curious as to if there are any workarounds for older OS.

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I gave up long go with Audiobus into NS. Audioshare/Audiocopy would have been my answers for this, however I found that Audioshare worked well enough for my purposes.

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I thought Audiobus->NS direct sampling died with iOS 9. Maybe I have it mixed up with Audiobus 2 though. I still miss it. I use the Audioshare method mentioned above. For lots of apps, you can skip AB entirely because audioshare will allow you top open IAA versions (and apply effects) directly from its record screen.

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It is cool that a new project is about to emerge, it is just hard to part with the original until it does. That's why I couldn't update to ios 11, NanoStudio. It has such cool features, even after 7 years, that I still find useful.

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Like I've stated before, Nanostudio works really well still on older devices that won't run iOS 11. And I've seen iPad 1 going at stupidly low prices. iOS 11 is really good imo, and it's as if iOS is joining ranks slowly with MacOS. Instead of losing sleep by not updating, I'd say it's better just to buy an old iPad, then you've future-proofed your set up.