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Hello NanoStudio Forums

I'm running my Roland SPD-20 Drumpad (as a MIDI-trigger) through an iRig Pro Duo which is connected to my iPad.

When using NanoStudio on the iPad, I can't play samples through all pads on the drumpad at once, when using the TRG-16.

I imagine it's because the keyboard note names (or values) of the pads are all "randomized" and not in a straight order:
The 8 pads on the drumpad, starting from the top left, have the following values in NanoStudio: C#3, C3, A2, D#3, B1, D2, A#1, A#2... Which makes no sense to me...

My question is: When putting samples on specific TRG-16 pads, can I then change the keyboard note values of these pads, so that they match these aforementioned 8 pads of my drumpad?

This is possible when using Ableton. That's why I'm asking. But I'd love it if I could use my iPad in stead of the laptop.

Before you ask if I've tried changing the note values on the drumpad itself, I can only say no, since I don't think it's possible.

I thank you many times and hope you can help out a desperate live-drummer!



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No, the MIDI note values can not be set per pad within the TRG. Good news though: you can set the MIDI note for each pad on the SPD. Check out pages 57-67 here:

Sweetwater has a short version here:

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Thank you SO much for your help! I found it to be the "MIDI NOTE #" parameter. Yay!