Thin Strings now missing from eden...

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(Hi there Nano's - 1st Post)
Having a real blond moment here...
I experimented with the 'Write' button when moving 'eden Preset' sounds etc. At the time I relocated/fiddled with 'Thin strings', and for the life of me cannot remember where they've ended up!?
Going around in circles to try and relocate them.
Could someone help me find them agin - much appreciated!!

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Its an easy thing to overwrite a preset (I think we have all done this at one time or another). The only way I know of (apart form reinstalling NS - which is a pain and I wouldnt recommend :-) ) is to install the PC or MAC version of NS, create a project that uses the missing preset on one of the Eden tracks, then export it as a NSP. Transfer the NSP to your iOS device and open it - go to the Eden track (which will use the preset on "Project 00" or something similar), and write the preset back to it's actual location (e.g. "A05" or whatever).l