Vangelis Synth Gear

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I've been a long time fan of Vangelis. The Video Teaser for Vangelis' new album Rosetta (inspired by ESA Rosetta mission) is quite interesting. Check out the drum machine/sequencer-like items above his keyboards. Seems they are custom MIDI super routers (I'm sure there is a more precise name for them). And what's the big device to his right? I didn't expect his set up to look so '80's Space Shuttle', but since it is custom gear I guess it makes sense. I get the impression that he is playing up to 16 synths at once. Great sound quality.

And is the guy working with him in his studio just a sound engineer/assistant or does he have an apprentice to take over his style one day? Interesting thought. Will anyone perform the music of artists like this when they pass away?