FL Studio Mobile 3 is no competition

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Hello everybody,

I seem to remember some talk about FL Studio Mobile 3 somewhere and how it might "endanger" NanoStudio 2's success... keep calm boys, it's no threat at all. Here's the stuff that even NS1 can do and FLS can't:

- No Aux sends (what!)
- Extremely barebones, NO (!) selection tools whatsoeever anywhere, save for marquee select
- No configurable grid / quantization
- No stereo / cross Delay (absolutely essential for any kind of serious EDM)
- No aliases ("patterns" in NS) -- again absolutely essential for any kind of seriously complex production
- No way to set the song loop to the current selection, you have to manually draw on the (then invisible, because beneith your finger and all) ruler
- No sample editor
- ...

At that price, it's beyond ridiculous. NS2 FTW!

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NS1 for the win, really.

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:D competition is good and all that, but still funny.

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Funny? I say sad.