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I was hoping someone might guide me in the right direction with a bit of help. I downloaded the NS guitar patches, and I can see them and scroll through them in the Eden, but when I play the keyboard no sound comes out. Nothing is muted/on solo etc.. It's driving me a bit mad, as I have downloaded handfuls of .NSPs and all Edens/TRGs etc. which have worked flawlessly.

Any idea or reason there are no sounds coming from the guitar patches?



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Sorry I'm probably being stupid, but which guitar patches would these be?

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Those presets are based on samples, rather than being synth patches that use waveforms. Your problem is that you have broken the connection of the preset to the sample. There are threads on this forum that go in to this in detail, but one way of handling this is to create a folder where you keep samples for all presets for Banks A-G. In the root folder 'Samples' create another folder called 'Preset Samples'. When you decide you like a preset in a Project Bank (like a cool guitar preset found on a .nsp file for example) and copy that preset to somewhere in Banks A-G, lets say E00 for this example, that preset now in location E00 will look for the sample it needs in the Project Bank. When you load in a new Project, the link is broken and the guitar preset no longer works. So when you copy the preset to E00 you need to go to the Sample section of Eden and press the 'Load' button. This will go the the part of the Project file that has the samples used in that project. Select the guitar sample and on the right press 'Copy'. Now look to the bottom of that page and press the blue arrow until it turns dark. You will be in the root level of the folders. Open 'Samples' folder, open your newly created 'Preset Samples' folder and now press 'Paste'. Select your sample and press 'Paste' then 'OK'. This will put the sample in the folder. This is really important: press 'Load' to establish a connection between this new file location and your preset at E00. Done! Now the guitar preset at E00 will always work when you press E00.

When you create a new project and want to use E00, it will always sound the same until you change E00. To be sure your projects always have the right presets, save any presets that are used in a track to the Project Bank. Now E00 will be placed at P00, for example, and the sample will be saved automatically when you save the project as an .nsp file. When you come back to a project later it will sound right and you will have saved youself much heart ache.

Try that and see if it works for you.