Newbie question...Using Nanostudio with Audiobus

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Can I record instruments from other apps in NS? Which track in NS does the incoming track record to?

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NS doesn't have audio tracks per se, but we use TRG pads for audio (single notes or short phrases, even vocals). The TRG pads would then be triggered by a note in the sequencer.
AudioBus worked like a charm for this, until iOS 9 broke the connection. If you are using iOS 8 (which I still have on my iPad), no problem. If you are on iOS 9 or later then you need to do a little workaround.

There are a variety of apps that can be used, but if you use AudioShare (or your preferred app) to record the audio, you can then copy the audio file to General Pasteboard, then in the NS TRG pad you load the audio on to the pad (press Load, then Paste, select the audio file, and I suggest you rename the file to something helpful like 'samplename (+note) & app abbreviation'). Yes, this is a hassle, but NS can't be updated since it is a 32 bit app and all apps must now be 64 bit, so we have to wait for the new version NanoStudio 2, which will likely have traditional audio tracks, MIDI out, and a host of other things discussed on the Wishlists thread.

Good luck!