Five years a Nanostudio user!

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Well - it's just 5 years (well 6th March 2011 according to my iTunes purchase history - but close enough) since I got my first iPod Touch, downloaded Nanostudio and started this amazing road trip of musical discovery and fun.

With that first batch of apps I also got ARGON synth, Jasuto modular synth, Ellatron, Amplitube free, and the Fairlight CMI (aka Peter Vogel CMI as its known now). Of all of them Nanostudio has been used again, again, and again - the others have generally fallen by the wayside in one way or another (although I have just reinstalled ARGON to play with AUM - and very interesting it is to :-) )

So 5 years ago I never thought I would be posting music onto the internet (via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, & Youtube), discovering some amazing musicians, collaborating with others, and even performed my music live. To be honest I still don't know if what I produce is any good or not - but I'm learning that isn't really the point. Its about creating something, and enjoying the actual process of the creating. I don't know what the next 5 years will bring (hopefully more music and having more of a clue.... and hopefully Nanostudio 2 :-) ) - but I am extremely grateful for developers like Matt who made these amazing programs that gave a 40-something bloke a chance of playing with the synths like he always wanted to do since he was about 11.

So in the way of a (very) small celebration just about everything I've done is now a free download from Bandcamp:

And some new "jam" stuff using AUM now on Soundcloud:

Jan (aka "A Collection of Notes")

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Well put sir! I think most of us can certainly relate to that and agree with your post.
We've all had much the same experience. I look forward to the next 5 year as well, and beyond. NS helped bring music back into my life, and I'm extremely grateful for that.

PS I think your music sounds good. And you are right about the creative process being the main reward.

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The years.....nice to know that your still active in the me.
Greetz tobi

Major Lee
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Hi old chaps,
Same for me. I bought an ipod touch around february 2010 a little before my 40's and immediately i bought Nanostudio and other tools. Now i think i have cumulated more than 400 hours of Nanostudio use that allowed me to compose around 50 pieces of music, probably more than Depeche Mode during the same period (sorry for such a vanity ;-) Would I have their producer I would be rich ! but i am only a poor lonesome cowboy and i am far away from homestudio. Mine is nano and a joy to use, soundcloud absorbs my crazy tunes ...

Have a nice day

Major Lee