Has the towel been thrown in on this one?

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So there hasnt been any updates since 2014, has the towel been thrown in on this app?

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Nope. The question comes up regularly, so if you read more of the threads you can get more info. Basically: NS2 is still in development. Yes, it is taking a long time, but it is better to do it right than to release an app that does not work well. That seems to be the Blip M.O.
The original NS can no longer be updated because it was written in 32 bit and new submissions to Apple must now be in 64 bit (if I remember correctly). It will be faster to complete NS2 than to try to update the original NS, and NS2 should have a lot of features than music producers want. So, the best guess around here seems to be 4th quarter 2016.