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Hi All,

This is possible the most obscure question asked in these forums, but here goes...

I've made a sequence which plays Eden Patch A26 Squeely Blip. It's *absolutely perfect* for a track I'm working on, apart from one part of the patch which I cannot seem to alter, and really need to lose. In audio file you will hear 2 fairly distinct sounds - a simple 'synth' type sound playing the lower part which sounds like chords, and a much higher part that sounds like bells. It's just one MIDI sequence that triggers all these events. It sounds more complex because patch A26 isn't a simple, single tone.

Playing a single note of Patch A26 gives not just a single 'note' but a sequence of notes, much like a Korg wavesequence. I feel that if I can turn the wavesequence off, play it in some kind of 'one shot' mode or alter the start position of the wavesequence I will be able to just hear the synthy parts of the sound, and not the high bell type part.

Told you it was obscure. Any ideas? I've tried EVERYTHING! The closest I've come is turning off the LFO sync features, but it's still not quite right. Anyhoo the audio file is here:


Thanks so much for any ideas or suggestions!

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Off the top of my head, I seem to remember that patch uses most of the LFOs to modulate the pitch (using a square wave to change the octave by whole levels) and one LFO to do a similar thing with the filter cutoff. You could try removing one or two of the LFOs doing the pitch modulation and/or removing the one doing the filter cutoff.

An alternative approach (if you want actual gaps where the unwanted notes were) would be to repurpose the LFO doing the filter and make it do the amp instead (ie. using it to regularly gate the output level).