A couple of nanostudio questions

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Hi all,

I have a couple of questions, hoping someone can help out:

1. I see on the home page that there's an image of the song window where the tracks have names assigned to them. How do I do that?

2. Are there any resources where folks share their synth patches? effects settings? I'm trying to create a tremelo-esque effect and haven't had much luck.

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You can name each track by first touching the track button (on the ipad its the top left button with 3 horizontal lines), then touch and hold the track you want to rename. You get a popup box where you can select if you want the part to be the Eden synth or TRG. You can also select the MIDI input channel (if you are that way inclined), MIDI transpose. But there is also a "Rename" button .... which does in fact rename the track!

There are very good help pages (under Manage / Help) and PDF manuals you can download off the website.

As for patches - there was a thread here where people shared links to their patches http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/2260, and the NSP project files to my first 2 "albums" are here for free download and reuse https://sites.google.com/site/jangilhooley/mymusic

Have fun!


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The "Nanostudio Resources/FAQ" in the top left corner of this page is a pretty good source of NS goodness. And the manual will answer pretty much all the easy questions you might have. Well worth a look!

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Lol ;)

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Tremolo is probably easiest achieved with volume automation.

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@richD tremolo is an easy lfo to setup.

Go down to the amp env page. Turn amount very low (this is the low end of the tremolo)

Go to lfo page. Usually lfo 3 is automatically set to amp env. Set type to sine or triangle (you can experiment) and turn amount up (this is the high end of tremolo) and play with rate till you're happy with the sound.

If you have issues feel free to contact me and I'll gladly help you.

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Basically LFO's turn the knobs you assign them to. You can assign an lfo to anything. If you go to the page with SOURCE, DESTINATION, PARAMETER, and AMOUNT you can assign LFOS 1,2,3,4 to anything. You could have them turn the filter up and down or randomly adjust attack or release so certain notes would "stick" out. Think of it this way. Any knob you're turning by hand that changes the sound you can assign that knob to an LFO on the source destination amount page and then setup it on the lfo page. If you want a gated sound the square shape turns the knob ON and OFF, whereas a sine shape would turn it slowly up and down, a Saw up would slowly turn it up and then snap back to 0 and turn it up again. Experiment and listen. You'll see what I mean. Its not as complicated as it looks

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Assign the LFO amount and/or release (sadly no rate in NS1) to one of the XY pads is also great for expressive output.

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@galaxyexplorer You can assign an X/Y pad to LFO rate.

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@Lee B: Of course, you're right! I think i have a software burn out, sorry!