Nanosync anybody?!

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this software connects, eventually, sometimes, for a short time. I was able to upload some samples already, but usualy it does not work.
Kind of feel I want my money back.
If you want to buy this software, think twice.

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It doesn't help you, but it's generally behaved for me.....

A couple of things to try:
1) close Nanostudio on the "I" device and actually force it closed, then power off the device and back on - kind of a full reboot. I have had funnies sometimes and a "switch it back off and back on again" has sorted it.
2) power off and on the router (or wifi router) - I'm sure I've read other people having wifi issues and power cycling the router has helped.
3) do you have wifi issues with anything else? Are you sat a long way from the wifi router or have any thick walls between you and it?
4) what versions of Nanostudio / nanosync are you using? Could be a mismatch between versions of nanosync and Nanostudio (but that is unlikely really).

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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@Kitejan, the advice you've provided above covers everything I can think of to suggest! I've never had any problems with using NanoSync either on the Mac or PC; so nothing additional springs to mind. However based on the somewhat irritating attitude of the OP (having just read his other 'Bluetooth' thread) it sounds like he couldn't be bothered to spend a few minutes reading how things work, and that's apparently the fault of the software. I have no patience for people like this.

PS: Regardless - Happy Easter bunny music making chocolate overdose :)

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Another thought - could be worth checking the PCs firewall, especially if its a "dedicated" firewall rather than the standard windows one. Because the Nanosync connection is initiated from the iOS device an especially paranoid firewall *might* shut the connection down after it had been established. Hence dropping it after a little while.

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If you've managed to get it to recognise your device and connect then it sounds like your router/firewall/network set up is probably OK (this is normally the tricky bit).

It sounds more like it's an unreliable connection - although kitejan could be right about about a firewall closing the connection after some delay, admittedly I don't know a great deal about firewalls.

80% of problems seem to be resolved by rebooting your router, so if you haven't done this I'd recommend trying it.

If all else fails then you can use a USB transfer app such as iFunbox or iExplorer - anything that cuts networks out of the equation is always a good thing, I appreciate how frustrating it can be.