Samples on Eden, what key gives the original sound?

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[This might be a stupid question]

I have started to using the sample functionality on Eden. By pressing down different keys the sample is played with different tranpose (I think). But on what key is the original sound (eg exactly the same sound clip I have originally used, not tampered in transpose/pitch or whatever)?

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C4, I think. If you didn't sample an actual C note, you can use the transpose buttons to recenter it.

It can be hard to tell what's what once you've sampled it if you don't know the original note. Set up another Eden and loop a sine wave with a long held C4 and compare your sample to that, tuning/transposing by ear.

Lee B
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Also, if the sound you are sampling is intended for use lower down the keyboard i.e a Bass sound and you want to keep the original character of the sound, you can sample it at C2 or C3 and transpose it down in Eden. Likewise for Lead sounds that are played up high, sample them at e.g C5 and transpose down 12 semitones.