Bug! Help?

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I seem to have run into an annoying bug that has just happened this evening on Nanostudio for the iPhone.
I have a track where I've got an Eden bank set for a particular bass sound. I noticed on playback that the bass had turned to the default empty Eden bank noise. I thought it odd, so went back and selected the bass sound again for my synth. I then noticed that Nanostudio just skipped that sound and assigned Bank E sound 00 as the sound for that track. Its an argument I can't seem to win with the software!

In a slight panic, I checked another music file I created in NS with the same bass synth and it works fine. So, it looks like something has gone wrong in the track I'm working on.

As an attempted workaround, I created a new Eden synth, moved my notes up to that channel and found that the same problem occurred again.

I'm hoping I don't have to abandon the project in this instance as I've put quite a bit of time into it. Has anyone else run into this bug?


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Sounds like there was a program change put in at some point. Try adding one at the beginning of your track to the correct eden preset. Tap the first region and hit 'more' in the bottom right. Somewhere in there (under 'part'?) is the program change/preset selection.

I have run into this before where even though I could no longer see it, the program change was still there and I had to brute force my way around it.

Alternatively, just save a copy of your bass sound to E00. :)