Sustain Pedal not working with windows version of NanoStudio and Line 6 MobileKeys controller

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I'm new to NanoStudio and am very impressed. Does NanoStudio for Windows support a sustain pedal controller? I'm using a Line 6 MobileKeys keyboard controller. Nanostudio works fine at recognizing my volume, pan, mod & pitch controls but not my sustain pedal for some reason.
Is there an easy way to get nanostudio to recognize and respond to my sustain pedal?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, welcome to the forum! :) I assume not based upon the thread below where a user recently asked a similar question about the IOS version of 'Nano Studio' (i.e. unless Matt was able to implement it for the windows version only which is unlikely)? He might chime in to conclude whether that's the case; if not perhaps send him a quick email for confirmation. Hope this helps. :-)

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