VST Plugins into Nanostudio as 3rd instrument

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I've been trying to input my Alchemy Player into Nanostudio in the users documents section then opening samples to reveal the next folder titled Eden Factory. first I place Alchemy Player beside the Eden Factory folder hoping for it to show up as a 3rd instrument when hold selecting the track but does not show. I then tried opening the documents folder for Eden Factory where it shows all the instruments and placing the Alchemy files there... opening Nanostudio and selecting Eden as my instrument then sifting through all instruments in global A and B but nothing. I've considered trying to place in global C but cannot figure out how. Also followed forums from Alchemy in how to do so and they explain to place the downloaded files in the DAW folder. So far no luck. Has anyone been successful in uploading their VSTs into Nanostudio to use as separate instrument?

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Nanostudio doesn't support VST (or any other plugin for that matter) in any way, shape or form as NS is a fully contained and closed DAW. Soz.

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You can import samples from alchemy but that's about it. You can also control NS from a DAW via virtual MIDI and some sort of audio loopback. You'd then be able to control Alchemy and NS from the same place—just not from NS.