Windows > Show Desktop > NanoStudio looses focus and won't come back

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I do have to admit that on my laptop I still run WinXP SP3 :) with latest security updates from past month - yes, true! so this might not be happening in newer versions, however, on more than 1 ocassion happened to me that when I need to quickly switch to another app and press Show Desktop, NanoStudio won't come back, it just keeps (say) playing the song in the background and cannot save the project anymore :(

Only thing that helps is to close it by force from ProcessExplorer (task manager).

Needless to say that I've lost several nice projects this way :( because always forget this might happen and do not hit Save before deadly SD shortcut (it happens randomly, no rules when and where).

ProcessExplorer/Task Manager has a nice function to force app into focus/bring to front (right click), but even this does not help.

I am not sure why is this happening, it could be many things, but I just wish to report this, might get lucky to be solved in future version or at least get some meaningful explanation from Matt.


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Same here

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I'm sorry to hear that. That's so depressing. Still working fine on MacOS 10.13 here. I was going to buy a Surface Pro, but pleased now I didn't. Especially after reading that. :(