Eden VST

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I got my musical production start in NanoStudio, and now use mostly FL Studio. Still use NS though, and I have some songs I'd like to transfer over to FL Studio and do some extra mastering. I also have some that I'd like to finish writing in FL Studio.

I have a special soft spot in my heart for Eden though. Is there any way that sometime soon there could be an Eden VST? I would seriously use it as one of my main synthesizers, as it's so brilliantly easy to use! Could this please, please be developed?

I'm sure somebody has posted this before, but I'm new to the forums and haven't found a way to search the forums yet. As I said, I'm sure it's already here, but I don't know how often it's posted. So I apologize if I'm saying something that's been said a million times already.

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It would be nice! And yes, requested many times. :) Search is in the top left, just under the FAQs link.