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I'm sure you're aware of the remix culture, but what boggles me is why you would choose to dis-include such a rudimentary feature from every platform NanoStudio can be executed from..

The feature i'm talking about (if you can even call it a 'feature') is the ability to Import tracks by .wav format or otherwise, and treat them like something other than a sample, you know, to actually treat it like a track... because it is one.

It's frustrating to me only because this feature can be written and implemented with ease to at least some of your platforms, especially considering that such a feature would require little-to-no regression testing to release.

I understand that your software isn't designed to be X or Y, but rather Z; but let me point out that no matter what title you slap on this piece of software, you cannot deny that the lack of a feature I am ranting about is relevant to ALL of these software types for obvious reasons.

Let's take a look at the way that I am trying to import my track now:
# Open NanoStudio
# Import a new sample, after cutting my track for size due to sample importing limitations
# Start recording
# Play the sample
# Play my arpeggio as I listen to the sample
# Navigate to Song view after I finish recording

OH! That is brilliant, so I went ahead and played the track and could obviously hear it through my sound output while I played my harmonic arpeggio, but none-the-less the sample was only played like a sample is expected to; for as long as it was pressed...

See the problem here?

Even with this sample-work-around procedure I just typed out, you will still be unable to record your additions to a track.

Thanks for everything about this software but this complaint, I would like to say a small complaint, but it really isn't. Remix culture uses your app too, don't pretend like we don't.

Please make a change,
Thank you.

Jim Hanks
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Audio tracks has been a frequent request for NS. You can be relatively sure they will appear in NS2 and almost certain they will not appear in NS.

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"It's frustrating to me only because this feature can be written and implemented with ease…"

This comes up every now and again and I have yet to see even one poster detail how exactly they would implement the feature "with ease". Of course it's not easy, if it was easy, we would have had it three years ago.

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What Stiksi said, naturally.

But this made it really jump out at me:

> considering that such a feature would require little-to-no regression testing to release.

This says to me that mmm has a least some idea of what goes into releasing software, but somehow, at the same time, has not a clue. How could someone who knows what regression testing is say, with a straight face, how easy something would be to implement without seeing the code?

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Also, put your sample in the TRG and set it to 'TRIG' and it will continue playing after you release the note.

Nanostudio is missing some features to make remixing fast/simple but it works as is. And it costs less than three beers.

Cpu Red
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It is really such an easy thing to implement and I don't understand why we don't have it by now. Shoot with two days work we could have audio tracks, midi out and a handful of other updates. Blip should stop being lazy or whatever and get to work man ;)

Blip Interactive
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Audio streaming is one of the trickier things to both code and test, largely because it involves inter-thread communication between two very different systems. At the one end you've got hard-realtime constraints (the audio thread) and at the other end you have a (relatively slow) filesystem which is shared by the whole device and is, as a result, subject to indeterminate execution times.

Additionally, editing these large audio files (particularly with undo/redo) becomes fairly complex since they're too big to efficiently fit in RAM, so it's necessary to use paging methods to move blocks of the file to/from the correct memory areas as they're edited.

NanoStudio's been around a while and I did most of the things which were easy or 'medium difficulty' to add, but this one needs a large rewrite of the sequencer/sample editor, which would be best done for a new app.

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Wow Matt I can't believe you had to answer this question yet again. You should set up an automated system that recognizes keywords like "audio tracks" to spew out a predetermined response. ;)

I was totally joking with my last post by the way in case no one got that.

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Wow! I love it when the Blipster throws down some high-end geek speak in a plain manner that even a code retard like myself can understand.
I understood the gist of it, even though I have no idea about the things he was talking about. Almost made me feel smart.

No Cpu Red, none of us got it.
OK, I'm joking.
But really, were you mad?
Seriously not serious here.
Please control your rants.
Still joking...

I'll stop now.

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+1 :)